No Quarter for Code Pink

It’s been interesting reading all the posts and comments regarding the Code Pink “protest” at Versailles on Saturday. There were pretty good arguments made by those who thought the actions of some Cuban-Americans were not so good and those who thought the opposite.
I, personally, happen to agree with the latter.
The primary concern has been that these folks have made the Cuban-American community once again look like intransigent extremists in the eyes of the MSM, etal. But, you know what? That’s what the MSM, etal, has professed all along and there is nothing we have been able to do to convince them otherwise. For the MSM and castro apologists, that’s already a given in the equation, no matter how wrong or disingenuous it may be, and nothing is going to change that.
Couple the above with the fact that Code Pinkos are traitors – because giving money to the families of suicide bombers killing Americans makes you exactly that: a traitor. Those treasonous Code Pinkos got what exactly they deserved.
Ive had it with the poo-pooing and the mauw mauwing and the whining bullshit. If San Francisco or any other American city wants to allow these anti-American commies to shit all over the place, that’s just fine with me. Let them spend the time and effort scraping the shit from their BS politically correct soles. But you dont come to my house and take a dump on my doorstep.
Those Cuban-Americans that took Code Pink to task the other day displayed good, old fashioned, American backbone. There will be no quarter for traitors and haters. Period. End of fucking story.

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  1. I agree. “The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to say and do nothing”.
    We have been silent for too long.

  2. These people truly represent the worst our society has produced. Ungrateful, contemptuous of authority, treasonous. Here’s a warning to all voters in the November election: the Dem candidates may not use the tactics and rhetoric of Medea Benjamin, but they ultimately believe in the same thing. Same shit, different smell.

  3. We are waging a war on terrorism. Anyone that sides with and gives aid and comfort (and money) to America’s sworn enemies are committing TREASON.
    The Constitution of the United States, Art. III defines TREASON “against the United States to consist in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort. This offence is punished with death. By the same article of the Constitution, no person shall be convicted of treason, unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.”
    These Commie Red Bitches got in Miami a lot less than what they deserve.
    Hey Code Pinkos…. Get the HELL out my town!… And don’t come back!

  4. Val,
    You and others following the threads over the weekend know my stance on this. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not ready to throw in the towel and give up the MSM as a lost cause. If we give that up, it opens the door for our adversaries to come walking in and PERMANENTLY shut the door on the rest of us.
    If the MSM is truly a lost cause, then why do we wring our hands every time a negative article or cartoon is published about Cuban-Americans? It’s because deep inside, we care. That’s perfectly normal and noble human behavior. Cuban-Americans have a lot at stake here: our reputation, a just cause, freedom for brave individuals who deserve our support and much much more. If we give up the fight via mainstream outlets, we’re doing a huge disservice to those we claim to be advocating for.
    Are we REALLY willing to do this? Is this what we want?
    The logic that “the MSM portrays us as extremists anyway so who cares what we do” is flawed on many levels. First and foremost is our cause which I stated above. Secondly, the younger generation (i.e. us) have a golden opportunity to shape Cuban issues for years to come. By cementing the perception that we’re intolerant and violent, we’re ensuring that, once again, castro’s PR machine will reign for at least another generation.
    There are certain battles that are truly worth a fight, in the literal sense. Clowns like CODEPINK don’t deserve it. No one is advocating silence as an alternative, but non-violent and non-threatening protest instead.
    The main reason I have proudly contributed to efforts such as BUCL is because it has taken a different Cuban-American approach to getting the word out and “protesting”. In other words, just the facts with no histrionics. Look at how much MSM attention the first 2 campaigns received, and absolutely NONE of it was negative.
    You guys tell me which advances our cause better, fighting with idiots or BUCL?

  5. Ode to Meada Benjamin
    (To the tune of Eminem’s “Without Me”
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  6. It’s a no win Robert. If the crowd at Versailles had sat there patiently the news reports would have said that activists from Codepink cam and protested the Luis Posada and we met with a counter protest from “Posada Supporters”. The media would not have reported the numbers and that this was a stunt.
    Secondly, the purpose of the “protest” was to be a provocation. Yes we gave them what they wanted, but they were going to get it no matter what. They would have instigated it.
    Lastly, you’re correct that BUCL is about winning the PR war but we can’t win every battle. In any case the exile community didn’t come out of it with a black eye because the Codepink is so hated.
    One of the big things we try to do is gain the sympathy of the conservative blogosphere and they hate code pink.

  7. Robert,
    The MSM has too much already invested in castro apologetics to make a 180 turn around and report the truth after 50 years of lauding fidel.
    Not only that, I can make the argument that the code pinkos werent protesting, they were instigating. A protest against the FBI ad the government only makes sense if done at FBI headquaters or some government entity Why a portest at a restaurant in Miami? Certainly, those people at Versailles dont tell the FBI or law enforcement how and when to do their jobs.

  8. From the looks of it, you’re right — this was not a true protest, it was an orchestrated plan to get Cuban-Americans to look like wackos. Did they think they were going to win anyone over to their way of thinking at Versailles? No.
    Anyway, I can tell you as a New Yorker, that I haven’t heard anything about this. Doesn’t seem like the story is going national.

  9. Amen, Robert!
    All I’m saying is that we should always protest with dignity. Otherwise, we play right into the enemy’s hand. If Darsi Ferrer can keep his cool under much more extreme antagonism, so can we.
    Unfortunately, thanks to a few bad apples, or worse still, infiltrados, the pinko traitors got exactly the kind of reaction they were looking for.
    Jorge Luis

  10. It may have been a no-win, Henry, but cutting our losses is better than doing something that will take years of PR to repair. As I mentioned, there are certain battles that truly deserve a good fight. This one ain’t one of them, so why make it worse? Everyone there that took the time and effort to demonstrate peacefully on Saturday should be pissed at Vigilia Mambisa for attempting to cause a ruckus. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh against those who are supposed to be on our side, but I feel strongly about it.
    When dealing with idiots and radicals, the rule should be: let them look like the stupid ones and don’t do anything that makes them look like the victims. We had the numbers at the protest. That right there was enough of a message (the underlying Posada issue notwithstanding).
    We didn’t come out with a black eye, but once again we have to sit here and talk about this, and it was Medea and her minions who came out looking like the victims, whether they were right or wrong. We love the conservative blogosphere, but most of them will side with us anyway. It’s mainstream America we need to reach out to the most.

  11. I have to take exception to the term “wackos.”
    You cant expect someone that may have had their lives ruined by castro to allow some castro apologist to come and slap him in the face publicly and sit timidly by because of “perception.”
    Im tired of cowtowing to the MSM, especially WHEN THEY DONT DESERVE THE RESPECT OR BE MORAL AUTHORITY.
    You want perception? here’s a pretty good perception:
    The AP, Reuters, ABC, NBC, CNN all have bureaus in Havana. when have you seen an interview on any one of those entities with Elsa Morejon, whose husband Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet is rotting away in a 4 by 6 foot jail cell?
    Fuck that shit, folks. Ill worry about the splinter of a few “wackos” in my eye when the MSM starts to do something about the plank of castro appeasement in theirs.
    I have literally had it.

  12. Val,
    Yes they were instigating. Even more reason to keep it cool.
    As Jorge excellently mentioned above, if Darsi Ferrer, Marta Beatriz Roque and the Damas de Blanco can keep their composure under much more hostile conditions, then why can’t we? Those are the people we admire and defend, and we should be doing everything possible to emulate their courage and character.
    It’s much easier to lose your cool and punch out a bunch of radicals than to stand up to them steadfastly and show true character and grit.

  13. Robert,
    I can understand your point, and Ill agree the VM’s actions werent the ideal, but Im not going to throw them under the bus, especially for something as minor as this. No one got hurt, no fires were set, no actual “violence” took place. tearing a pink fringe can hardly be constituted as “violent.” The press is playing this game and you are falling for it.
    had this “protest” been a bunch of guys in white hoods with a burning cross atop a pickup on Martin Luther King boulevard, how would the press have behaved? Who would have been the victims in that situation? Would the Sun Sentinel call the counterprotesters that would have chased down that truck “extremists” or “rabid”?

  14. OK Val, I know we’re not going to totally agree, and that’s fine. I respect your point and I know where your heart lies. But the fact is that VM has hurt our cause more than they’ve helped. Saturday’s event was nothing compared to other things they’ve done, but to me it’s the cumulative of all the things they’ve been involved in.
    If we know the press is prone to side against us, then why do something that gives them more ammunition? If I’m falling for their game, it’s because they’re the big game in town. That’s the reality. If we ignore them, fine, but then we shouldn’t get all up in arms the next time Oliphant publishes a nasty cartoon about us. That’s my whole point here. Again, I’m not ready to give up totally on the MSM, especially since you know that we’ve made some inroads, particularly here in South Florida.
    You mention Martin Luther King (the street, not the man), but the man himself is another example of someone who had to put up with tons more crap than Codepink dished out on Saturday.

  15. I’m with Henry and Val on this. We have to fight our ideological enemies on ALL fronts. The MSM has not been supportive of our cause since after the Missile Crisis agreement of 1962, when Cuban exiles went from being portrayed as “Freedom Fighters” to “Terrorists.” We cannot tell Vigilia Mambisa or any other anti-Castro organization what they can or can’t do. Vigilia Mambisa only represents that group and their members. I will never publicly criticize any anti-Castro group, even if I do not sympathize with them. I suggest other critics of anti-Castro groups do the same.

  16. Tio,
    How do you suggest we fight our ideological enemies? Also, would you agree that methods matter? I support VM’s main cause, but don’t agree with the methods they sometimes use.

  17. Some are losing track of who we are dealing with. Wea re talking about the MSM. They don’t give a rip about truth nor facts. They do indeed have an agenda. It doesn’t matter if we would have brought roses to the dikes. We would have been critisized for the color. Its about action not perception. And we have been inactive long enough. Its funny that we want the Cubans in Cuba to take to the streets, but we want the Cubans in the US to cowtow to the press.

  18. Robert,
    The press isnt “prone” to side against us. The press has entrenched itself on an anti-Cuban-American policy and barraged us with hypocrisy, hubris, lies, innuendo and outright hatred.
    And, if I criticize an Oliphant cartoon in a newspaper, it isnt because I hve hope that they are going to pull it or apologize. Im absolutely positive theyll do nothing of the sort. I criticize it to show the complete hypocrisy and slant and bias from an institution supposedly based on INTEGRITY and TRUTH.
    Im tired of getting pushed around and Im tired of being afarid of what the press thinks. The press and the left will never change their opinion about us, they have had 50 years of cold hard evidence and have steadfastly refused to do so.
    read the posts and comments from our fellow conservatives in the blogosphere – the only ones that have continuously supported us – and youll find that most, if not all, are patting us on the back right now for not taking shit from Code Pink.

  19. Amen Val!
    I for one don’t have patience anymore to offer the other check. If that makes me look intransigent, fine. If said intransigence makes us target of MSN’s dislike, well, let’s say that there are people and outlets that honor us with their hatred.

  20. Let’s backtrack for a second here. I agree with Val and others that we shouldn’t just sit back and take shit from CODEPINK. I have stated this several times. I never said we should stand back and let them do whatever they want without a response. It’s the TYPE of response that I am questioning and criticizing. Just want to make that perfectly clear to everyone.
    As far as I’m concerned I’m not afraid of what the press thinks, but you better believe that I am attuned to them. If we don’t keep an eye of them and use them to our advantage when the situation warrants, as we’ve done before, we’re doomed to fail.
    Pototo: I don’t understand your comment on how we want Cubans to cowtow to the press? Can you please explain?

  21. Robert,
    By being inactive for fear of reprisals from them. The only thing that will give CA’s from Miami positive press is if we belly up and support castro.
    Antoher thing getting lost here is the passion of those who were there (I was regrettably not in Florida). These are people who have said “Ya no mas”. Perhaps some of these are those who did not say it when they should have in Cuba. But enough is enough. And when someone comes into your house and spits on your face a mere “please leave” won’t do. 49 years of being passive has shown that.

  22. Val,
    Your point is well-taken about the MSM.
    My point was simply that Code Pink was NOT trying to change anyone’s mind. Versailles is not the place where they would realistically change anyone’s mind on this issue.
    Instead, I gather that people at Code Pink got together and created a plan — and that plan was to try to make Cuban-Americans look bad in the press. Making Cuban-Americans look like “wackos” or otherwise was the TRUE intention of this organization.
    Instigating reactions from the community was their REAL plan, and their REAL goal to discredit Cuban-Americans as a community of “nuts.”

  23. I think that we can all agree one thing:
    Code Pink organized this demonstration for two reasons:
    A) To make us look like instransigents, because they knew that a group like La Vigilia Mambisa would attack them and therefore make them seem like victims.
    B) They selected Posada Carriles as the object of their demonstration to make us look as if we are supporters of Posada Carriles.
    Irrelevant of Posada Carriles merits or lack of and I don’t want to get into that, he is viewed as a “terrorist” by the MSM and if we support him, we are seen as terrorts which is what Medea Benjamin wanted and what Vigilia Mambisa did. It gave her what she was looking for on a silver platter. It was like taking candy from a baby.
    If you are in a court of law and you are suing a horrible sleezeball and his defense attorney attacks you with false allegations to try to make you look crazy are going to fall for his bait, because you hate the sleezeball and its theraputic for you to attack the sleezeball in the middle of the crowded courtroom? Wouldn’t it be better to use your logic, stay calm and counterattack him methodically and intelligently?
    Yes, we all have reasons for hating Medea Benjamin. I’ve had several relatives executed by Castro, I’ve been separated from family members who have died in Cuba and I’ve never met. My parent’s lives were destroyed by Castro and my mother has never recovered from her depression, but I will not play into the hands of Code Pink by doing what they want me to do.
    And even though I want to say, “F–K” the MSM, they have a lot more power than we do and when someone has more power than you do, either you are diplomatic and you outmanuever them with your skills and your intelligence or you get the sh-t beat out of you if you confront them.

  24. So we should hold hands and sing “We Shall Overcome” or “Kumbaya”? Sorry but “taking the high road” to me sounds a little too much like “surrender.”
    Fuck code pink. Anytime they return here they should run away thinking that they are going to torn to pieces.
    Take a lesson from the quran … let them see your fierceness and show them no mercy.

  25. I really said all I had to say on this before, I’d like to add that right now, sitting on is a slanderous hit piece against Cuban Americans, even going to far as to suggest Hizbullah Florida. It was written before the Code Pink incident. I firmly believe that to slant our response out of fear of what the media is going to say about us is appeasement, and we all know where that weak response leads. So I reaffirm everything word I said about this, and also I don’t care who agrees with me or not, but as far as I’m concerned the push button issue on this was Posada, many of us view him as a hero, 49 friggin years worth, and you don’t turn your back on that.

  26. Pototo,
    Thanks for the clarification. As I stated in my last comment, it’s not inaction that I’m promoting, it’s the right action. I want the press to see us take the proper actions, and if they still want to slime us, it’s their choice and their opportunity to look bad, not ours.

  27. Ziva,
    Would you say that Oscar Elias Biscet is an appeaser and someone who responds weakly to threats? How about Darsi Ferrer? How about Martin Luther King? Responding without violence, intimidation or threats isn’t appeasement, surrender or slanting of behavior to cooperate with the media. It’s principled behavior which takes courage that those folks I mentioned have/had in spades.

  28. No, I would not call them appeasors, but I do wonder if they were free to act more proactively would they? I can’t help but think they’d use every means available to free Cuba. MLK’s actions can be compared to Ghandi, he was fighting American public opinion, the clan and extremeists not withstanding, civilizited people. Media Benjamin is an uncivilized thug, she and her group were treated accordinly.

  29. Ziva,
    It’s tricky to speculate and extrapolate someone’s behavior under different circumstances, but for someone to take the abuse that Biscet and Ferrer endure and still be open and peaceful advocates for freedom takes huge you-know-whats.
    MLK’s actions can be compared to Ghandi, he was fighting American public opinion, the clan and extremeists not withstanding, civilizited people.
    You can’t discount the KKK and other white supremacists that easily. They had pretty wide, if tacit, support back in the day, and they constantly threatened MLK’s life until they finally succeeded. The true epitome of uncivilized.
    Besides, this isn’t an overthrow of a murderous regime we’re talking about here, it’s frickin’ CODEPINK for crying out loud! 😉

  30. Robert,
    Though we all share the same goal here, we’re not going to convince anyone with mere words. We need to put our ideas into action, put the tactics we’re arguing for to work, and lead by example.
    -Jorge L.

  31. Jorge,
    You’re right, and I believe all of us here have done just that. Lead with the heart AND the head, not just on pure emotion which gets us into trouble too often.

  32. Robert,
    If you’re interested in organizing something, let me know. I want to be ready for these pinkos traitors and their ilk the next time they try it again. But let’s not just react, let’s act. Every time the Ladies in White march, we should march here, with no less dignity and no less peacefully than their example demands; every time Darsi marches, we march too, shadow the dissidents in Cuba, to throw an idea out there.
    -Jorge L.

  33. Jorge,
    All good ideas. I guess the first step is to know when such events are happening (honestly I didn’t know CODEPINK was coming until a day or two before they arrived). An organized effort similar to the BUCL campaigns would be great. In fact, this is something that definitely falls under the spirit of what BUCL is trying to accomplish.

  34. The thing is that I dont agree with the press accounts that the counter-protesters got “violent.” They didnt set any cars on fire and thrw molotov cocktails. They didnt physically assault anyone or break windows. they didnt whip out UZI’s and start blasting away. No bottles or rocks or magaphones were thrown. They didnt yank Medea benjamin out of the truck bed by her teeth, slam her to the ground and beat her to a pulp, did they?
    So they chased a truck and pulled a piece of pink fringe from the back. Ive witnessed more “violent” reaction here at a Hurricane Football Championship celebration.
    Do you guys want the Cuban-Americans to just sit there quietly holding signs up? Because it’s hard to keep a cuban’s mouth shut under any given circumstance, much less when it comes to some self-righteus Commie loving pricks bitchslapping them in their own home.
    And Ill say something else: look at the NYT’s incredibly declining readership and circulation. Look at the dismal ratings at CBS, NBC and ABC news. Look at Fox news beating the crap out of CNN. With every slanted story the press loses more credibility and this is across the MSM board. Their hold on “power” is more and more tenuous by the day.

  35. Robert, I completely agree with about Biscet, Ferrer and all the Cuban dissidents. Nothing in recent US history even comes close to being comparable. As for MLK, I’m not discounting the threats against Dr. King, but I’m old enough to remember 1st hand the civil rights movement and outside of the south, there was widespead support for MLK movement. The MSM supported them, Hollywood supported them, and so on. We talked about it in school and supported them. But really that’s neither here nor there we just disagree. I’m not against peaceful demonstrations, but in my view the Mambisa’s gave them what they deserved and they’ll think twice before they come back to Little Havana to incite Cuban exiles. If me supporting them tearing up some pink fru fru and chasing a truck makes me a reactionary hardliner prone to violence, so be it. We are just going to have to agree to disagree, hopefully as friends and I’m sure we can go at over a beer at the next nostalgia.

  36. Unfortunately, this is sort of like the argument that the US should unilaterally lift the embargo so that the Castro regime will no longer have that as an excuse for its countless failures. This is at best a naive fallacy. The Castro people would simply find another excuse, or several. They would NEVER admit the truth, and they would ALWAYS blame anyone or anything except the real culprits.
    It is also like the notion that the US should ignore or neglect its own interests and concerns in order to ingratiate itself with its critics and even enemies abroad, in order to be more “popular.” Again, this is at best wishful thinking. Those “critics,” for the most part, will NEVER stop bashing the US, and concessions to them will only encourage demand for further concessions.
    There are people who genuinely believe in naive fallacies, but that does not change the cold, ugly reality. I’m not here to defend Vigilia Mambisa or their methods, but no matter how this obviously premeditated act of provocation had been dealt with, the MSM would ALWAYS have given the Cuban-American community the short end of the stick, one way or another. There are decades’ worth of abundant evidence to support that conclusion.
    We should all use common sense and act as intelligently as possible, but ultimately people have to do what they think is best, and let the chips fall where they may. It is beyond deluded to give the MSM the benefit of the doubt after years of countless betrayals, distortions, misinformation and thinly veiled enmity. We need to act based on what WE believe and think best, because no matter what we do, the MSM will NEVER do right by us as long as it can screw us with impunity. And make no mistake, it WANTS to screw us, as it’s been doing pretty consistently since before 1959.

  37. Biscet, Ferrer and all other dissidents who protest quietly and peacefully are doing what is best under the circumstances they live with, and that’s what is effective for them.
    But these loons came to Versailles to provoke and nothing more; and if you are part of the exile community, you’re dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t — so what difference does it make? You sit there with your sign + you will rot before the press gives you any credit. Go do a search of leftist marches the last 24 months, and see the pictures of violent reaction, burning, havoc and mayhem. Who’re you kidding? If Meada has her ‘ruthers, she would have lit up a match to Versailles on a Friday night.
    Screw ’em — if we’ve learned anything in 4 decades, and especially since the midterm elections, is that when you appease the left, when you invite the media over for tea and try to make nice, you’re sleeping with a viper under your pillow.

  38. Val,
    You’re probably right about the facts on the ground, but what little raucus went on gave the media enough of an excuse to replay the previous more violent footage, and thereby spin the heck out of the story. Our side fell right into the pinkos’ trap. I don’t want to give our enemies an inch. Besides, you yourself said in the last podcast that you’re willing to try anything at this point, as nothing else has worked to date. Why not give the MLK approach a try?
    -Jorge Luis

  39. Why not give the MLK approach a try?
    Because it’ll never work. MLK had the left AND the press behind him. And we all know that only right wing dictators are bad.

  40. There’s only one way to know for sure. Trying it.
    At the very least it’ll probably be an effective way to increase participation from the younger generation in the cause of Cuban liberty.

  41. Mike, among other things, Code Pink ‘ladies” travelled to Iran and handed over $4000 dollars to terrorists killing Americans. Where did they get the money? Media Benjamin is co founder of global exchange as well as Code Pink, both of whom solicit and receive donations. They enjoy non-profit status which in effect means they get tax breaks, so they are subsidized by all of us. And I’m sure you’re aware of how non-profit foundations launder money to various groups through “donor advised” funds.

  42. jluix,
    Gimme a break, man. You have any idea how many peaceful marches, protests and other events are held here in Miami and across the country by Cuban-Americans each year?
    I reiterate, one or two guys chasing down a truck isnt a “violent” protest.
    Folks, get it into your heads that we Cuban-Americans are on the wrong side of the political spectrum in the eyes of the MSM, period. Had fidel castro done the same exact things he’s done but been a right wing dictator, his crimes would be all over the news ad nauseum and we’d be sitting pretty with the media who’d be calling us poor, oppressed refugees, freedom fighters, and peace activists.

  43. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
    BTW, I commented on Val and Henry’s middle finger encounter with Meada. Liked it, as as we all know, the middle finger makes up half of the peace sign!

  44. Folks, get it into your heads that we Cuban-Americans are on the wrong side of the political spectrum in the eyes of the MSM, period. Had fidel castro done the same exact things he’s done but been a right wing dictator, his crimes would be all over the news ad nauseum and we’d be sitting pretty with the media who’d be calling us poor, oppressed refugees, freedom fighters, and peace activists.
    I agree 100%. But do two wrongs make a right? What exactly would giving the media even more fodder accomplish, other than to ensure that discussions such as this one will continue to take place in perpetuity?
    And we should be proud of the dozens of peaceful protest Cubans hold every year. It doesn’t mean we have to approve or accept the non-peaceful methods of a minority, nor should we be afraid to call them out on it.

  45. We are just going to have to agree to disagree, hopefully as friends and I’m sure we can go at over a beer at the next nostalgia.
    Absolutely, Ziva. Discussions like these among like-minded individuals are healthy. Suppressing this kind of stuff only makes things worse.

  46. Val,
    I’ve resented and harped on the media/left’s double standard for years.
    You’re preaching to the choir in that respect.
    I don’t expect them to change their tune just because we protest peacefully.
    That’s the way I’d protest regardless of the media’s reaction. But I’m also not going to further their agenda by feeding their stereotype of us.
    -Jorge Luis

  47. if they are giving money to a known terrorist agency, why don’t they prosecute their bums?
    heck they waste their time on the liberty city 7 when you have real scoundrals like code pinko out there.
    did they have a license to travel to Iran?
    geesh …..

  48. Given that Medea Benjamin, the Code Pink honcho(a), lived in Cuba for a while, it should come as no surprise that there would be a collision in the works.

  49. I don’t want to sound like a defeatist but I can’t see anything changing the way the MSM perceives Cuban Americans.
    That said, how easy is it to splice tape together showing the womyn getting egged and the Cubans tearing down the pink decorations and then voice over saying “Irate supporters of terrorist Posada Carriles attacked peace activists from Code Pink, the American moms who advocate peace and not war…” and other assorted sound bites portraying these traitors as victims.
    So, no matter how you look at it, even if you don’t do much, they’ll turn it on you anyway.
    So, and I’m sorry Jorge, I know you are a proponent of MLK but I say, if they’re going to portray you that way anyway,
    It’s just one more reason you guys need someone to get your backs- where is the Cuban Jesse Jackson?

  50. If you go to, you’ll see that Code Pink PLACED TODAY–1/14/08– a very effect propaganda video on Youtube:
    I’m sure that the video of Vigilia Mambisa chasing them down the streets of Little Habana won’t be long in coming.
    Like I said, we have to outsmart Code Pink and playing into their hands and giving them precisely what they want isn’t outsmarting them.
    If your enemy wants to you to turn the corner and go left, are you going to turn the corner and go left knowing that you’ll be ambushed, or are you going to go in the opposite direction??
    This reminds me of the scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy picks an apple off of a tree and the tree slaps her on the hand and takes the apple back. The Tin Man cleverly tells Dorothy that the tree’s apples have worms in them. The tree becomes irate at the insult, falls for the bait and starts bombarding Dorothy and the Tin Man with apples which is precisely what the Tin Man wanted. Dorothy then goes off and enjoys a basket full of delicious juicy apples.

  51. I hear you, Claudia. I also don’t have any hope the MSM will change its ways. Regardless, we should do the right thing. Isn’t that what integrity is all about? Doing the right thing even when no one’s watching? And if the choice is between Jesse Jackson and MLK, I’ll take MLK any day of the year. The last thing we need is a Cuban Jesse Jackson. What we really need is a Cuban George Washington, James Madison, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, etc…, maybe even a Thomas Jefferson. Let’s set the bar higher than Jesse Jackson. 🙂

  52. The Posada Carriles story is long and complicated, two things the media absolutely does not give a shit about covering. They like the short soundbytes and if it makes the Bush administration look bad in the process, even better and if it makes the Exile community look bad then it’s a fucking trifecta, through a parade.

  53. Jorge, you DO need a Jesse jackson, who, just by people knowing he will be called upon when there is an injustice in the black community, he is guaranteed airtime and sticks up for his people and everyone takes notice. In the past year Mike Richards, Don Imus and Dog the Bounty Hunters all saw their careers get flushed because they got called on being racists. The first ones in the fray were jesse and Al. Where is the high profile Cuban American advocate that we can see on all the news channels when this type of thing happens? Someone of jackson’s visibilty would be valuable to the Cubans just so they would have a person to organize a press conference or a protest and get the deserved coverage. Maria Conchita Alonso, for what it’s worth, has started reporting on Fox news about chavez, who’s doing this for you guys?

  54. Ziva and Mike,
    The Cuban Nationalist Movement was a version of the JDL. Yet, the MSM generally refrained from calling the JDL and its leaders Meier Kahane and Irv Rubin as terrorists.
    I recall that in the early 1970s Kahane did minimum jail time for bombings or bombing conspiracies, and that’s not coming up in a Google search. A newspaper index search is needed.
    Here is a Reuters article on the JDL and Rubin.
    Note how the JDL is called a “militant Jewish group” even though they are tied to a murder and bombings. Rubin is never called a terrorist, even though he was in federal prison for conspiracy to carry out several bombings.
    The MSM has never treated Cuban exiles in similar fashion. We are always equated with terrorism. It’s a waste of time trying to influence the MSM. The fear of God must be put into any provocateurs coming to our community so others do not emulate them.

  55. Claudia, I agree with your ends, but vehemently object to Jackson’s and Sharpton’s tactics.
    The last thing we need is a spokesperson that embezzles donor contributions to support
    his hoochie mamas, engages in race baiting, swindles corporate America into submission,
    or falsely accuses innocents of rape, all under the cover of a thin veneer of pseudo-religiosity.
    Tactics and character do matter, and the end does not justify the means. We also don’t need a
    Cuban version of CAIR, which uses terrorist financing to stifle free speech in America (Michael Savage). Ziva’s right. We need a Cuban ADL.
    We had a great spokesperson in Jorge Mas Canosa. Humberto Fontova is doing a great job; so is
    Carlos Alberto Montaner, albeit only in the Spanish press. Going the preacher route, a modern
    William Wilberforce would be a godsend. Imagine if el padre Alberto took up our cause. He’s
    got the charisma and public relations gift. Back in the secular realm, if Andy Garcia joined
    forces with Maria Conchita Alonso, he could accomplish a great deal more for our cause.
    Lastly, we need more teachers like you. If we could clone you, the American public school system would improve over night. I really mean that.
    -Jorge Luis

  56. If a Cuban-American, out of either conviction or convenience, decides it’s OK to condone, promote and pay a Carlos Santana in order to look “moderate” or “tolerant” as opposed to “intransigent,” said C-A is at best pitiful, certainly in my opinion. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much the only kind of C-A behavior the media will treat more or less well.
    And let’s keep this ultra clear: Intransigence on behalf of righteousness and justice is not only OK but the way it should be, and it NEVER requires any apology whatsoever, period. Were black American civil rights activists ever tarred by the media as intransigents? Was Nelson Mandela ever called intransigent, or a rabid anti-Ian Smith radical, or a terrorist? What is wrong with this picture? You all know what’s wrong with it, just as well as I do, and just as the MSM does, only they’re brazen, contemptible hypocrites who aren’t even remotely “objective.”
    I’m sorry, but playing “good little exile” is mostly useless, not to say demeaning. We’ve been screwed innumerable times–up, down and sideways. Should we just go, “Thank you, Sir, may I have another?” Masochists may do as they wish, and so may the naive, but I’m not about to emulate Carlos Saladrigas or Oscar Corral to get a pat on the head or a pass from the establishment.
    To the MSM, the ONLY good C-A is one that dances to its tune, and that will NOT change. If we don’t have the strength of our convictions and act accordingly, we might as well forget the whole business. Anybody who has a problem with being considered intransigent for a cause like ours DOES have a problem, and anybody who’s ashamed of that label for pursuing our cause OUGHT to be ashamed.
    We can argue about tactics, and some tactics are certainly better than others depending on the specific circumstances in question, but do NOT, under any circumstances, buy into or kowtow to how the MSM wants us to behave. They have never wanted what’s best for Cuba and have consistently promoted the opposite, directly or indirectly. We owe them NOTHING but scorn.

  57. Asombra,
    I’m proud to be called an intransigent. It’s not the MSM I’m worried about. The MSM is hopeless case. It’s middle America we should be concerned with.
    This whole thing was about Carriles. Who really blew up that plane? castro of course. And who has been sabotaging the exiles reputation from the start? castro and his minions. I’m sick and tired of making excuses for the “few bad apples” who continue to sabotage our reputation with their violent tactics. Don’t be so naive as to think all we have in our community is a few bad apples.

  58. Tio:
    the ADL and JDL were quite different in their approach. I think we need more of an ADL.
    Funny that the CANF modeled itself after AIPAC. But sadly with Mas Canosa’s passing, it lost its vision in my opinion.

  59. Middle America, unfortunately, appears to be besotted by whatever the MSM feeds it, from unbelievably idiotic celebrity tripe to gross political misinformation and distortion motivated by blatant bias.
    Of course there have always been Castro agents here posing as exiles to make our community look bad. That obviously happened during the Elian mess, for example. And of course I’m not advocating or defending any such tactics.
    I’m not specifically thinking about or promoting the actions of Vigilia Mambisa, but there’s a definite push from certain quarters, including C-A quarters, for us to behave the way the MSM and the establishment would like us to behave, and that’s what I absolutely reject. There’s a definite push to be “moderate” a la Ana Menendez and company, which is profoundly repulsive. We cannot let those who have no interest in our welfare, let alone our enemies, dictate our actions or set our agenda.

  60. Jorge-
    I meant someone of Jackson’s and Sharpton’s visibility, not lack of morality and penchant for histrionics. I personally can’t stand either of them, but they are on the front lines of the race war. You need someone that people don’t want to mess with. Since there is no Cuban American ADL and so many people seem to be divided, it would be nice to have SOMEONE be seen and given press who represents the CA community.
    Thank you for the very nice compliment, also!

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