9 thoughts on “Who would’ve thunk it?”

  1. Let me get this right? If I’m black and I stick with the black candidate then I am showing solidarity but if I’m white and I vote for the white candidate then I’m a racist? This is a good example of the revolution eating it’s own.

  2. Felix, to see these hypocrites and liars fight each other with the worst possible slurs is delicious.

  3. To them (RATs), it’s all about ‘POWER’. They will trample, stomp, and walk all over you, to get what they want. They are quick to use the ‘race’ card, and are accustomed to throwing the ‘incindiary torch’ at anyone to get what they want. The only difference is that they are unleashing amongst themselves.
    This RAT primary is unlike any since 1980 (Kenndey vs. Carter). The longer it drags out for them, the lower they drag themselves down.
    IT IS beautiful to watch!

  4. The ironic thing about all this is that this is mostly a media-created controversy. Neither Hillary nor Bill really said anything racist.
    Or is their a mischievous plan the media is cooking up?

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