Much ado the past few days here over the blatant disdain for the Cuban-American community in South Florida by the left and their MSM brethren. To here tell it, one would think this community is akin to the anti-christ, full of sound and fury, evil incarnate, brutish wackos engulfed with vile and hatred.
Some folks cant fathom the reason for such an outright rancor for a community that for the most part has been a hard working, overachieving example of success made up of good, patriotic Americans. And I suppose I could editorialize for thousands of words to break down each and every point, each and every example, each and every reason why we are the recipients of such venom and such invective and vituperation. But I wont, because – ala Occam’s Razor – it all boils down to a number:
Five hundred, thirty seven.
No one will openly admit it, of course, but rest assured that little number above is the essence, the unspoken invariable nature of the ubiquitous acrimony and hostility towards the Cuban-American community.
Quite simply, in the eyes of the left and the MSM, it was 537 votes that in the year 2000 gave George W. Bush the state of Florida and with it, gave the world a George W. Bush presidency. And those 537 votes most assuredly came from a community angry over a betrayal in the form of a thugish, middle of the night, armed raid to sequester a young child and strip him of his rights and the dignity to live as a free human being.
Five hundred, thirty-seven Cuban-Americans were the enzyme that set off the chemical reaction that led to that omnipresent malady known today as Bush Derangement Syndrome.

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  1. It’s sad how the left and the media has chosen the Cuban American community as their whipping boy for the Bush presidency in 2000. It illustrates their hatred for this community that dares to not only refuse to be their puppets, but has had the audacity to flaunt its successes in both the economic and political arenas. Nothing upsets the left more than a slave who dares to step outside the plantation and prove they can be succesful without the help of the slavemaster. So when it came time to “blame” someone for the Bush presidency, the Cuban American community became the perfect target.
    It is much easier for them to hate us than it is to hate the 538 Blacks in Florida who voted for Bush; or the 538 Mexicans in Florida who voted for Bush; or the 538 Jews in Florida who voted for Bush.
    With 538 more votes from any one of these groups, Gore would have been president (gasp!).

  2. Val, they hated us even before the 2000 election.
    I think the 2000 election added to their rancor, but as we’ve said here a million times before, they hate us cause we’re of hispanic ancestry and successful and do not fit their stereotype of what a good minority should be.
    Our success threatens their elitist visions and their myth that their vision is superior and enlightened.
    Just what will they do when they find themselves without GWB to kick around.
    They’ll blame the Cuban Americans no doubt.

  3. That hatred from the MSM goes back a long time, way before the election of 2000. In the early 60’s, Ralph Renick, a news anchor Icon in South Florida did a report, portraying Cubans in a very poor way in a special report. Back then, he accused us of taking away jobs from the poor blacks, that all we did was get drunk and that the women were for the most part prostitutes run out of the country by the great revolutionary hero, fidel castro. He also portrayed us as abusers of the taxpayers by living off the Cuban Assistance Program (El Refugio). All this hatred was shown on TV, and if you consider that the majority of Cubans could not vote and help elect a President at that time, it was pretty nasty. I remember asking my parents why they would say such terrible things, as I knew my parents were decent, hard working, extremely ethical and possesing very high moral standards, as well as all the other Cuban families I knew, and my father’s response has stayed with me all these years. He said, “it means that we are doing the right thing and have refused to play the stereotype expected of us, just keep doing what you are doing, ignore the media, and follow what your heart tells you is the right thing to do”. My father, a very wise man indeed. Every time they speak ill of Cubans in the media, I just remember his words and say…Que envidia nos tienen!!!!

  4. Like Don Quijote told Sancho Panza when dogs were barking at them: “Si ladran es porque andamos” (if they bark, it’s only because we’re going somewhere).

  5. Mike,
    Yes, they harbored some kind of dislike for us prior to 2000, but bet your behind that the election of President Bush via the state of Florida stoked that fire.

  6. The Left and the media hate Miami Cubans because 1)they vote mainly Republican and in the Left’s paradigm minorities can’t possibly be conservative, and 2)Cubans are critical of their hero, JFK.

  7. For the record, I am not critical of JFK. I simply think he was an arrogant fraud who got in way over his head with predictably disastrous results. I hope that doesn’t make me too intransigent. Thank you.

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