New Candidate Statement at Candidates on Cuba

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We have just received the second official statement from presidential candidate for our new forum, Candidates on Cuba. Mayor Rudy Giuliani submitted two statements he had previously made on the subject. You can read Mayor Giuliani’s statement on Cuba by clicking here.
We renew the call to the other candidates to have their campaigns submit statements.
The purpose of the forum is to serve as a clearing house for the official positions of the various presidential campaigns on the subject of Cuba. We are only going to post materials submitted by the campaigns specifically for this purpose.
We want to know where each candidate stands on things like the embargo, Helms-Burton, indictments for the castro brothers, travel restrictions, the political prisoners, human rights, the succession, etc. etc.
We have a space for each candidate:
Hillary Clinton on Cuba
John Edwards on Cuba
Rudy Giuliani on Cuba
Mike Huckabee on Cuba
Dennis Kucinich on Cuba
John McCain on Cuba
Barack Obama on Cuba
Ron Paul on Cuba
Mitt Romney on Cuba
Fred Thompson on Cuba
Campaigns with blank pages can contact us at
Contact information for each candidate’s campaign is available at Candidates on Cuba (or click one of the links above). Democrat or Republican, you should encourage your candidate to submit a statement and/or a video. Babalu is one of the most widely read web sites on the topic of Cuba, so the candidates will have chance to speak on the subject to an engaged audience.
As the Florida primary approaches this is unique opportunity for the candidates to speak up on one of the issues that is on the minds of hundreds of thousands of Cuban-American voters in the state.

2 thoughts on “New Candidate Statement at Candidates on Cuba”

  1. Sounds familiar. Hate to be the constant pessimist, but I am actually a realist. So what DID he say? Nothing. “There will need to be a plan”? Well no foolin. But before we buy a product in life there has to exist a product. No one buys vapor or at least a pre-release without an expected product based on a description. Once again style and no substance. How about saying what you plan to DO to bring about that change. Now that would be a change. We have bought vapor for too long. Its time for a product.

  2. “a plan of action to ensure that the death of Fidel Castro, who is the world’s longest ruling dictator leads to the rise of freedom and democracy”..sounds like start of a plan to me. Then again find me one polictian that will lay out a “detailed plan” at this state of the race. Being from the NY/NJ area, I personally know he has given his time, jobs and helped to many of Cuban-Americans here….SO let’s look at Fred T; “increasing our efforts to bring about change”…So what did he say? Nothing. (What efforts?)

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