18 thoughts on “The coma andante”

  1. Check out the Executioner’s snow-white hair on the top photo and the dark-gray hair on the bottom photo. Is it Lady Clairol or Photoshop?

  2. It’s a good thing someone is taking all these pictures for posterity. There’ll be a lot of people that will regret them when truth about Cuba finally comes out.

  3. Weekend at Bernie’s. IF in fact he’s still alive I would love to be the one who bitch slaps him out of that chair and right into tomorrow.

  4. Giraldo:
    It looks like a glider that has been fixed in order to add some height. We did the same thing to my father-in-law’s glider after he started having difficulty rising from it on his own.

  5. “Check out the Executioner’s snow-white hair on the top photo and the dark-gray hair on the bottom photo. Is it Lady Clairol or Photoshop?”
    It’s actually the lighting.

  6. The end of the AP phrase,”frail and alert,” is “playful,” as if he were a friggin wooly lamb. Talk about your fluff piece. Disgusting. But what can we expect?

  7. Note the Granma photo of Fidel Castro briefly standing next to Lula shows that they are almost the same size
    Lula is a short, squat man. Castro has been described as six-feet tall. Castro’s legs are thin and frail and his shoulders are hunched. It looks like he has lost bone density on his vertebra due to osteoporosis. No doubt he is being pushed around on a glider. Look how worn the handles are on the glider in comparison to the color on the rest of it.

  8. Oh, he looks plenty fit to me. Perfectly capable of continuing to be a major player in national affairs. Inspires all kinds of confidence. Besides, what difference does it make? Cuba is a glorified slave plantation. What the hell do the slaves matter, except as beasts of burden? So what if some decrepit ghoul is supposedly the top political figure in the place? What are the slaves gonna do, call Ghostbusters?
    By the way, love that blow-dried hair job. John Kerry, eat your heart out.

  9. By the way, “frail” is the new synonym for moribund, “alert” is the new synonym for breathing, and “playful” is the new synonym for the banality of evil.
    Just wanted to keep everybody up to speed.

  10. The reason he’s not sitting in a typical or more medical-looking wheelchair is obviously to downplay his “frailness.” It’s a cosmetics move. I expect that, when there are no cameras around, the chair in these pictures is not what he sits on (when and if he sits).

  11. Look in the picture where there is a bulge in his left thigh. Could that be a bag? Its in the second picture from the top. Hmmmm…. Maybe its the battery pack?

  12. The Pong cartoon is very funny. The mentally deranged Castro thinks that Lula is “Santa Claus in a suit” and wants to photograph him again.

  13. So who’s the smiling bald asshole with Lula and Nosferatu? Isn’t it the same goon who was in all those photos of the recent “acto de repudio” to a civil rights march? I suppose not, but it might as well be.

  14. Since we will probably never know the truth about the bastard’s health or death, let’s just pick a day and declare his death. FIRST DAY OF SUMMER! -June 20 2008, Cuban Independence Day is my suggestion.

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