Why the cable networks are a joke

I’m sitting here watching the results from the Michigan primary roll in and it’s clear to me that all of the cable networks are a joke. The stupidest thing that these pundits continue to repeat is claims that candidate X must drop out if he doesn’t get a win. This is after only 3 contests that have been completed thus far. Though Romney isn’t my first choice, he’s been the one targeted with this faulty line of thinking.
Why is the media ignoring the Wyoming Caucus that Romney won? Wyoming is actually going to seat more delegates at the Republican convention than “all-important” New Hampshire. Overall, Romney leads the delegate count with 30.
If the current trend holds and Romney wins in Michigan he will have won 2 out of the 4 contests and come in second in the other two. Also, in a field of 5 legitimate candidates, we would have 3 different winners in 4 states.
The media should just STFU and let things play out.

4 thoughts on “Why the cable networks are a joke”

  1. You’re right. The Republican race couldn’t be more wide open right now. Of course, McCain’s camp is saying that if they win SC it’s 2 out of the “big 3” and that gets him the nomination. Maybe in most elections, but this time around there no guarantees.
    It’s going to come down to between McCain, Romney and Giuliani. Hope Fred finds his way in there, but I doubt it. Hope I’m wrong.

  2. Fred is in virtual dead heat for second in south carolina according to the latest polls. We still we still have 3 complete days of campaigning until the primary on Saturday. If Fred finishes first (which is a possibility) or a strong second, he could parlay it into more wins in the south where McCain won’t have support of veterans which are a big part of the SC electorate.

  3. One of these days you’ll believe me when I tell you that, for the most part, TV journalists are really that shallow and stupid.
    When I was in the business, I was sometimes invited to other journalists’ homes for dinners, parties, etc. I was always amazed to see that these people, whose business lives center on dispensing information, never, ever had books in their homes. Only a few had magazine subscriptions.
    They wallow in ignorance, but think they know more than their audience. What arrogance.

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