Huckabee to suspend immigration from Cuba?

Associated Press:

ROCK HILL, South Carolina (AP) – Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee called Tuesday for suspending immigration from countries that sponsor or harbor terrorists.
On campaign trail for South Carolina’s Jan. 19 primary, Huckabee — a Baptist preacher and former Arkansas governor who won the Iowa caucuses with his populist rhetoric and support from evangelical
Christians — sharpened his rhetoric on immigration and embraced a tougher measure than any of his rivals have so far.
«There’s a couple of things we’re going to do differently,» Huckabee told supporters. «I say we ought to put a hiatus on people who come in here … if they come from countries that sponsor and harbor terrorists.

La Política rightly points out that Cuba is on the U.S. State Department’s list of terrorist states.
I wonder if Governor Huckabee is aware of that and the implications of his new proposal.

9 thoughts on “Huckabee to suspend immigration from Cuba?”

  1. -” wonder if Governor Huckabee is aware of that and the implications of his new proposal.”

    Two things:

    1. Either this guy is ‘aware’ of the implications re Cuba’s “migrants” – in which case, this proves his sinister intentions.


    2. He is ‘not aware’ of the implications re Cuba’s “migrants” – in which case, this proves his ‘total lack of awareness’ on Cuba!

    This guy’s never sat well with me. From the first minute I saw him speak, he’s sounded more and more like your typical ‘snake oil salesman’. He just rubs me the wrong way.

  2. This topic has come up in the past as a potential positive that may make the pot burst in Cuba. I still don’t know what to think about Huckabee.Setting aside the political for a moment, just what would be the response from Cuba if this were to happen? Would this then possibly stoke a fire under some who would not have the recourse to escape and then be forced to make a change? There are over a million of us who have done so and what difference could we have made in Cuba? Not supporting this by any means nor am supporting Huckabee at this point. Just wondering about everyone’s input regarding what would indeed happen if this came to pass.

  3. Now I am a bible believing man of faith and I also am a hardent supporter of tough immigration laws…….but now ole’ mike huckabee is fu*king with my peeps! VOTE FOR FRED THOMPSON!!!!!

  4. Pototo,
    You are right, there might be some benefit to a moratorium on immigration from Cuba under the scenario you describe but I don’t think the Huckster was thinking along those line, I think he was thinking about Islamic countries and didn’t realize the implications that the policy would have toward Cuba. His previous statements on Cuba don’t seem to follow a pattern where he’s trying shake up the exile community. I think the fact that he may have overlooked the Cuban implications speaks to his fundamental weakness in the foreign policy area that others have pointed out.

  5. Perhaps once his people realize the gaffe, they can point out that Cubans are “refugees” and not “immigrants.”

  6. Baptist also believe that they are God’s chosen people or Spiritual Israel.
    If they can be prejudistic against God’s people , what can you and me expect ?
    Just another Redneck !IMO

  7. Peter,
    You are a few thousand miles off base. I am a Baptist and I am not sure where you came up with that one. It is Covenant Theologians that think they are spiritual Israel. I as a Baptist still know that Israel is Israel and always will be.If you dislike Huckabee thats great, but don’t make erroneous claims about Baptists.

  8. Peter,
    Hope my comment did not come across too harsh. But I get a bit sensitive when it comes to my faith. Hope you understand.

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