The Mother Lode

Man, I love the Internets (thanks, Al Gore!) Sometimes you find a link somehow that is just an incredible treasure trove of information.
Case in Point: This link at today’s Lexington Institute post. If you check that first link, you get a total of all the Congressional Cuba trips as sponsored by the illustrious institute.
But, if you do a little digging around – linking, actually – on that page you get much much more.
For instance, here’s a list of the total congressional trips to Cuba, via non-government sponsors. It’s broken down as well by Republican and Democrat as well as specific city.
You can also break it down by various sponsors:
65 trips sponsored by the Center for International Policy.
22 trips sponsored by the Alliance for Responsible Cuba Policy – which, incidentally, shows Senator Larry “Widestance” Craig as a frequent, um, flyer.
46 trips sponsored by the Christopher Reynolds Foundation.
2 trips sponsored by the United Nations.
3 trips sponsored by the William C. Velazquez Institute.
2 trips sponsored by Urbanist International.
3 trips sponsored by the Cuba Policy Foundation.
14 trips by the Washington Office on Latin America.
1 trip sponsored by George Washington University.
6 trips sponsored by Airline Brokers, Co.
11 trips sponsored by the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization.
And a slew more that Id list if I had the time. You can literally spend days checking and cross checking all the links provided on that page, as well as Googling the sponsor “institute and foundations and organizations” to get a good idea of where these foundations stand on the Cuba issue.
Dont do it if youre faint of heart, though. You will undoubtedly pop a few blood vessels.

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  1. Forgive my ranting – it is out of frustration, so don’t hate or flame me, I might be critical but I love you all.
    I have been saying this for years yet sadly few in the Cuban American community wants to listen – I don’t know why -this is not new info either, it’s been around for a long time.
    For example here in New York there’s the “Center for Cuban Studies”! This is one of the frontline institutions masquerading as art gallery and cultural center for Cuba. It was supposedly created in the early 1970s by Harry Belofante, Tony Randell, Pete Seager, Gerogory Peck… and other “luminaries” and it was really set up by Cuban intelligence as a base of operations. Stll there in Manhattan with a big Cuban flag and picture of Elian in the window! It’s leader Sandra Levinson is so notorious that she has been featured in the book “Commies” by Ron Radosh and he exposes her as a mini skirt gogo boots wearing Jewish American dignitary “art dealer” who stayed at the big Havana hotel with pot parties and a revolving door of Cuban men. So notorious is Sandra that Reinaldo Arenas parodied her in a couple of his novels as a sex starved and Cuban art plundering Americana who “buys” Cuban art from starving artists on the island and then sells them in NY for a hefty markup which she takes a percentage and the rest she donates it back to the Cuban government! She is still doing it. The building she has the center in is owned by the CPUSA!
    Yeah, Cuba is Cuba over there, but a lot of the policy, decisions, and actions come from the United States. We don’t have too much power in Cuba but here in the US we can do a lot legally to stop this.
    The Christopher Reynolds Foundation is one of the biggest money givers to pro Castro causes in the USA yet almost no Cuban American knows about it. The sole purpose of Christopher Reynolds Foundation is for Cuba! Think of it, it boggles the mind the power these people have.
    But every time something should’ve been done to counter these people comes along someone toxic with a big ego who wants to be the Indian chief number one and all the plans go down the drain because of egos. It happened here in NYC during the Elian crisis how certain groups and individuals in our community sabotaged the efforts or took over or thought they were the bosses and nothing got done!
    Raysand knows what am speaking about.
    Like the Biscet website was almost stolen -passwords and all by certain elements at FIU, Directorio, and Free Cuba Foundation who wanted to take all the glory. So no wonder all these pro Castro organizations have all this success when we are ignorant because we are selfish and fighting amongst each other.
    Can you imagine the success we would have if we the CA community went after one of these pro Castro groups logically, without ego struggles, or in fighting, and with full legal force?
    Code Pink would not dare pull the stunt they did the other day in Miami because they would be afraid.

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