Friday Open Thread

Slow Friday and I’m home playing Mr. Mom. What’s on your minds? What’s going on this weekend? What’s going to happen in South Carolina tomorrow?
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27 thoughts on “Friday Open Thread”

  1. Mr Mom wrote
    “Huckabee is a huckster and a despicable one at that”
    No creo que sea nada bueno atacar a nuestros candidatos Republicanos . Algunos les gusta Thompson otros Giuliani otros Mc Cain even Paul. Cuando llegue el momento de la verdad todos debemos unirnos para derrotar a los Democratas y cerrar filas con el escogido aun no nos guste. tough luck. If Mr Bee is selected then We should back him 110%. The real fight is with the donkey

  2. “The new FOX News poll shows McCain holds onto his lead in South Carolina by capturing the support of 27 percent followed by Huckabee at 20 percent and Romney in third with 15 percent. Fred Thompson, who was hoping to perform well in a state neighboring his home state of Tennessee, receives 11 percent, up just two points from earlier in the month.”

  3. When you have foxes in the hen house, RINOs portraying themselves as more Reagan than Reagan, then the 11th commandment is out. We call ’em like we see ’em, and McCain and Huckabee are a disgrace to the Republican Party and a disgrace to the Conservative movement. You wanted to know where the crap was, I told ya.

  4. At least McCain has the balls to stand by his positions most of the time. He also stood by the correct decision not to cut and run in Iraq. I could live with McCain as president, though I wouldn’t be happy about it, much more than the Huckster.

  5. Don’t worry about Tomas, he’s out inspecting diebold optical scanning machines in New Hampshire.

  6. I’ve decided to support McCain.
    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with him and I asked him questions on Cuba and Latin America and he’s on the money with his positions.
    He’s consistent with his positions whether popular or not and regardless of party or polls.
    I respect that. I don’t respect flip flopping for votes. And we need someone steadfast to deal with world leaders.
    As I’ve said before, Thompson in theory is good. He’s a lousy campaigner and essentially blew his opportunity with his hesitation in getting in the race and in fundraising. Rudy has disappointed me in his performances.
    McCain is a moral top notch guy. While I did not agree with him on campaign finance, that does not disqualify him in my book. I think it’s perverse to say that we will only vote for someone who we agree with 100%. No such person exists. The fact is that if we value our freedom and our economic well being, we cannot allow the Dems to get into the whitehouse.
    with o’hillary or ‘bama in the white house, it’s pass out the vaseline folks … it’s gonna hurt.

  7. also George, there is no “one true conservative.”
    True conservatism lies in the writings of Barry Goldwater and the economics of Milton Freedman.
    Our best Prez in the last 50 years, Reagan, did not fit the mold of a “true conservative”.
    The main issues I’m looking at are: 1) keep taxation low; 2) strong military; 3) encouragement of business; 4) tough on crime; 5) homeland security; 6) economic growth; 7) reduce government spending — eliminate pork; 8) promote freedom and democracy and do not deal with terrorists; 9) strong support of Israel.
    and who’ll best accomplish the above…
    certainly not the dems; not huck; not romney.

  8. Reagan did pretty good using that criteria. The only thing he didn’t deliver were spending cuts, but he had a Democratic house that opposed him on that. All in all, the tax cuts stimulated the economy to the point that Clinton could take credit for surpluses.
    I still have to vote for Thompson as long as he’s in the race. He comes closest to meeting those criteria.

  9. Reagan was able to accomplish many of his objectives by negotiations and a little pressure on the dems.
    regardless of who’s prez; they can’t get everything they want. they have to deal with the congress. However, one can’t get the congress go wild other. that’s my beef with GWB in that he never said no to congress and he passed a lot of bad legislation and spending went through the roof. at least we got tax breaks and esp. the last minute 2007 tax legislation which saved me nearly $8K in AMT.
    I don’t bust my ass working just to pay taxes on crap. I pay through the nose and don’t get anything substantive in return.

  10. I’m OK with McCain as president. Unfortunately, I don’t believe he’s the right candidate to beat Hilary Clinton.

  11. I lived in New York when Rudy was mayor and saw first hand how he cleaned up the joint. He kicked butt. So I have a fondness for him. But I could live with McCain, or Thompson. I would even support Romney. As for Huckabee, I’ve had enough of ex-Arkansas governors.

  12. George I won’t go that far. Palpatine is currently the junior senator from New York and is the frontrunner for the dems ….

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