He’s So Pragmatic!

Parece que se nos pego la sabana hoy…
As you know, Cuba’s new dictator decided to hang suggestion boxes all over the island to see if any of the victims had any suggestions on how to stop the criminals from victimizing them…by not providing food, shelter, and toilet paper, but they couldn’t afford suggestion boxes so they decided to have meetings. (just to make sure that the speaker was on record for suggesting their “solutions”) This process has been hailed as a “debate”.
Apparently during the great debate on how to fix the Cuban econmy, many, many Cubans suggested that the best way to feed and clothe the Cuban people and fix the economy was to invest a large portion of the limited hard currency in the Cuban treasury on espionage.
Yes, espionage is the best way for an impoverished country with an economy the size of the city Guadalajara, Mexico to stimulate growth and provide the necessities of life for its long suffering people.
That Raul, he’s soooo Pragmatic!

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  1. I can not believe my eyes.
    This is the first article (as far as memory serves me) that I’ve read about Cuba that doesn’t mention the “free healthcare and education”.

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