Dems Invoke Reagan

I’ve been getting lots of pleasure over watching Obama and Clinton, Inc. battle it out over the past few weeks, as I’m sure you all have. The latest brawl at last night’s debate puts the Democrat race (and the Democrat Party) this much closer to imploding as we get closer to Election Day 2008.
One of things Billary and Barack sparred over last night was Barack’s comment to the Reno (Nevada) Gazette-Journal last week about Ronald Reagan and the Republicans being the “party of ideas” during the past 10-15 years. I heard the sound byte Obama gave to the newspaper, and although he stopped well short of saying that Reagan and the GOP had GOOD ideas, he did say that they had a clear vision which resonated with the American people.
You can read some of what he said here.
Hillary, of course, went after Obama big time, taking the whole thing out of context (sound familiar?). Edwards did too.
This may come as a shock to some of you (or maybe not), but I own and read Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope“. No, I will never ever vote for him, he’s a socialist. Nevertheless, the book is a surprisingly good read, although he tries to portray himself as more moderate than he actually is. In the book, he mentions the very same thing he told the Journal-Gazette, so it’s not exactly shocking that he would say what he said, especially not to Clinton, Inc who surely has read the book from cover to cover.
Obama’s honesty could have cost him, though. Clinton, Inc. and the Democrat Party of 2008 can’t handle the truth about Reagan or the GOP, especially when they’re in a dogfight for their political lives. The machine is in full force, ready to swallow Barack Obama whole.
Folks, the fun has just begun.

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  1. jsb-
    Does Thompsons campaign count?
    Also, does anybody here have any more info on this story:
    On topic-
    This sort of thing should outrage me but I’ve become completely numb to the antics of the Dems. I’m pretty sure that it isn’t a good thing and I’m really trying to get myself back on track…

  2. Democracy?…shit in Cuba half of the candidates are chosen by municipal authorities, the other half by organizations linked to the government, even trade unions and the women’s movement. Have to love the Cuban Gov. when it says its system is the most democratic in the world because money cannot buy votes and delegates are chosen at a neighbourhood level??! RIGHT!

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