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Many many years ago, I had the luck and honor to have the first thing Id ever written seriously – a short non-fiction piece called “Benchmarks” – published in a local magazine called Generation ñ. I’d never submitted anything to any magazine or publication before, which compounded to the stress the two weeks it took to wait for an answer.
I had just about given up hope on having Benchmarks published when I get a phone call one day after work:
“Hi. Is this Val Prieto?”
“The Val Prieto that wrote “Benchmarks?”
“Um..” I swallowed passed the lump in my throat. “The one and only. Who’s calling?”
“Dude. I gotta tell you. You made me cry. I loved your story.”
“Um, who is this?”
“This is Bill Teck of Generacion ñ and Id love to publish Benchmarks, if that’s alright with you?”
Bill Teck and I became good friends after that and I had the honor of having more pieces published on Generacion ñ.
Chances are, if youre not in or from Miami, you havent heard of Generacion ñ, but I can tell you in no uncertain terms, it was a damned good magazine, and the only one that focused on first generation Cuban-American readers.
It’s no longer in circulation, unfortunately, but fret not, dear readers. Bill and crew have just launched ñ on the net. New and improved, with all the bells and whistles and more cowbell. Much much more cowbell.
Let me introduce you to the Generation ñ Broadband Network:

Latino broadband network launches. Includes more cowbell.
Generation ñ – the first broadband network aimed at Latinos who prefer English-language media has launched.
Bowing with ‘Novela,’ a hilarious and edgy sitcom about life behind the scenes at a fly-by-night Spanish-language telenovela, is described by founder Bill Teck as a “Boutique Broadband Network,” that will deliver content for users seeking video populated by bilingual, bi-cultural Latinos.
Expanding in the coming months with a variety of mostly 5-7 minute programming, ranging from mini-documentaries to comedy, dramatic and reality-based fare, the broadband channel will also host a few select half-hour shows. “We’ll use crowd sourcing in order to host content from all over the world to create a network that truly reflects the diversity and richness of the American Latino experience,” said Teck. Other aspects of the site will rely on the vast library of stories from the initial years of Generation ñ magazine and an aggregator blog with content updated daily.
Generation ñ will also launch sites geared regionally to the Miami, Los Angeles and New York Latino markets later this year. ‘In the past you had to broadcast to this very diverse group of Latinos as if they were one giant monolith. Thanks to the power of narrowcasting we can allow audiences to filter their own content to their tastes,’ says Teck.
‘Our take on things is more like what you might find on some of the pay cable services, this is Latino 2.0, the Latin thing, but with more cowbell,” adds director of content Rene Granado.
Generation ñ will also feature ñ indies, housing independent fare that previously has been hard to find on major Latin websites. ñ Indies will serve as a boutique for Independent Feature Films for download and sale on DVD.
Initially the site will feature content mostly created by KIE Films, Roughworks Entertainment and HD content purveyors rumbleGiant, in addition to other independent producers and outlets.
Teck, who coined the term generation ñ in the 90s and was named ‘One of 20 Latinos to Watch’ by Newsweek Magazine, will serve as CEO. Rene Granado, formerly of Anthony, Baradat & Associates will serve as Director of Content.

The internet just got a bit funner, folks. And a hellova lot louder, too.
Drop by the Gen ñ Broadband Network and take a look around, there’s lots of great features and who knows, maybe you’ll even get hooked, a lo abuelita, on la Novela.
A huge congrats to my buddy Bill and Lynn and the rest of the ñ posse. Thanks for keeping it alive, guys.

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  1. Coño Val! Gracias brother. You know, my bro, you mention means the world to me. This time out i’m doing things a little different.
    It’s a big ‘ol general hispanic market site not foucused on the Miami market or even the Cuban-American one.
    However, What it is, is really 8 different sites that all launch a little at a time. There’ll be New York, LA, Miami, etc… and the Miami which launches in three weeks will split off into Cuban – American interests and other interests of our changing city.
    One thing that hasn’t changed is the longing for a free Cuba, so Val, I say thanks brother for keeping hope alive and bringing it all back home, the way you always do.
    gracias Val.
    Now we do have to post ‘Benchmarks’. And ‘La Cubanita’ and ‘A dream of fields’ and that great one about the motel on the beach with your original title, not the stupid ass title i gave it. You were right on that one. Un fuerte abrazo Cubano big V.

  2. I used to go down to Books and Books and pester them whenever the latest issue was supposed to be out. True to form the mag was published on Cuban time more than once.
    Brilliant mag and I am glad the gang is back. Too bad “hielo” was stillborn, it looked really promising.

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