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  1. When José Serrano was running for the congressional seat, he came to Miami to seek campaign contributions from the Cuban-American community.
    He intentionally lied to this community making promises he didn’t believe in (and knew he was never going to keep). He’s worse than a snake.
    I can only hope that there are well positioned people in Cuba that have made copies of the tapes incriminating all these slimeballs.
    We don’t want a repeat performance of the Clinton administration when -rumor has it- Greg Craig got back all of Hilary’s Cuban indiscretions from her visit to Cuba back in the early 70s.

  2. All I can say is…
    …actually I can’t say it because this is a family blog. Let me just say it this way…
    Friggin’ frig that mother frigger, Jeff Flake. There has been no more consistent, at least recently, supporter of the dictatorship in Cuba than this frig. Motherfrigger. Frig him and the horse he rode in on.

  3. I am from NYC, and you can’t get more low than Jose Serrano. This guy is a real scumbag. When Castro came to the UN in the early 1990s Jose and Charlie Rangel where their by his side and they wined and dined him. During the Elian affair Jose Serrano was in the forefront of all efforts to give Elian back to Castro. This man is despicable, he is a traitor to his country (well, I don’t consider him American, he is a Puerto Rican anti American) and he should be throughly investigated, and hounded for being one of Castro’s long time defenders in the US congress. He should be tarred and feathered and sent packing back to Vieques!
    I don’t know why there isn’t a movement to oust this ca-ron and to let the world know that one of the most leftist and anti American members of congress is also a foreign agent for an enemy of the United States – Cuba!
    This former barber is a real piece of of work – there is video of him – it was featured on the NoCastro.com website of him supporting Cuban causes just to get money and votes!
    We also think that he became real pro Castro real fast when the Cubans got video of him doing something not so kosher.
    Yeah, this guy is a piece of work – he’s hung out with Pastors for Peace at Hunter College here’s an account I wrote years ago for Front Page magazine:

  4. Serrano always makes my skin crawl. I will never forget his actions and attitude during the Elian ordeal. There was absolute glee on his mug when Elian was returned to Fidel. He is scum through and through and loathes the Cuban-American community. He and Rangel really need to retire in Varadero and hang out with Garcia-Marquez, Ollie Stone and Sean Pean at Danny Glover’s place.

  5. To the commenter whose comment I deleted, with all due respect fuck yourself. If we were in Cuba I wouldn’t be able to denounce these bastards. When I bust down your door and march you to a firing squad you can compare me to fidel. Until then you’re spewing bullshit. Bye bye.

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