President Bush meets with Biscet’s Wife

President Bush Meets with Elsa Morejon, Wife of Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient Oscar Biscet
Oval Office
THE PRESIDENT: A while ago I had the honor of presenting the National Medal of Freedom to a patriot of Cuba and a lover of liberty, Oscar Biscet. He was not able to receive the award because he’s in a Cuban prison for speaking out on behalf of human rights and human dignity. Today his wife, Elsa Morejon, is here. She has taken some time from Cuba to come to the United States to visit her son. She came up to the Oval Office to see me, and I’m most honored and most grateful.
We have a comfortable life here in America by and large, and it’s hard for us to imagine what it would be like for — to live in a society as repressive as the society of Fidel and Raul Castro. This good woman has had to suffer through days and weeks of deprivation and worry because the love of her life is in a Cuban prison — simply because of his beliefs. It’s my honor to welcome you here.
My call is for the world to help women such as Elsa. My call is for those who believe that the Cuba of today is a hopeful place, to recognize the realities. This is a country that has got political prisoners who are languishing in the jails, who are mistreated in the jails. Our message is, is that political prisoners ought to be free, and so should the Cuban people: free to express themselves and free to realize their God-given talents. So I want to welcome you. Que Dios le bendiga.
MS. MOREJON: (As translated) My name is Elsa Morejon. I’m a Cuban woman. I’ve come here to the United States to visit my son. My husband has spent most of his youth, and is now sentenced to 25 more years in jail for defending human rights and for defending civil liberties. He has devoted his life to the cause of defending human rights in Cuba and throughout the world. We do not live in a free country, and I must now return to Cuba.
I want to thank President Bush for inviting me to this meeting today. And I would like to speak to the international community and exhort them to work for the release of all political prisoners, along with my husband, to obtain their immediate and unconditional release from Cuban prisons.
END 3:04 P.M. EST

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10 thoughts on “President Bush meets with Biscet’s Wife”

  1. Bush is amazing. He is the one President we have had that doesnt just pander to us. He truly cares about the cause of Cuban Freedom!

  2. Not jus what he has said…but what he has done… He has provided more money for democracy funding, radio marti, tv marti, etc… In fact $45 million just for 2008!
    ANd he seems to contiue pushing on Cuba. I would expect more in the next few weeks.

  3. My president Jorge Mata ( George Bush) has done nothing for Cuba. Aunque creo que le ha dado relevancia a los disidentes . Mucha habladuria y nada. el mismo lo ha dicho.. Los cambios tienen que ser comenzados e impulsados dentro de Cuba no de afuera.
    El haber recibido a Elsa is a great thing
    thumbs up para el presidente Mata

  4. What George Bush is pay lip service. Nothing more, nothing less. Biscet’s wife said more of substance and for that I am happy. I truly do not see where people can claim that the President has been of help to Cuba. Just another President through the turnstyle regarding a Cuba in bondage.

  5. At the very least I will not ever see GB sitting down to talks with Castro. We can’t be so sure about the next president.

  6. As someone else has stated here, Bush never ran for the office of president that will liberate Cuba. He ran for office of President of the United States. He has done more than just about any other head of state by refusing to do business with Castro, Inc. He has done more by not fighting to get rid of the embargo as others would do. He has done more by continuing to mention the disaster Cuba is in. He has done more by continuing to recognize the opposition in Cuba. If you want a president that will just outright invade Cuba, you won’t get it from any US president unless there is an immense provocation from Castro, Inc. I mean IMMENSE.

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