Stay Classy Raul – Part 3

St. Petersburg Times
October 15, 1993, p. 4-B
Mayoral candidate spit on him, rival says
HIALEAH – A mayoral candidate in this Miami suburb alleges that the suspended incumbent spat in his face at a radio station debate. “”This guy is crazy,” former state Rep. Nilo Juri said of suspended Hialeah Mayor Raul Martinez . Salvatore D’Angelo, another mayoral candidate at the debate Tuesday, said he saw the incident during a commercial break. Juri alleged Martinez called him obscene names and tried to intimidate him during a break. Martinez declined to comment, but his wife, Angela, denied the charge, saying her husband only “”blew” in Juri’s face. She said the incident was prompted by Juri when he got up from his chair, pulled off his jacket and stood threateningly in front of Martinez. Agustin Acosta, one of the two debate moderators, said he left the studio before the confrontation. Martinez was convicted in 1991 of extortion and is out on bond awaiting appeal.

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  1. Henry Gomez: I saw a similar “No spitting” sign in the Shanghai metro in China, except it was only one figure spitting on the ground. Interesting how in your sign the bigger, taller figure is spitting down on the other figure. Where did you get that sign, in Hialeah?

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