Huckster provides clarity, Joe Garcia makes ass of himself

Back on January 16th we reported that Mike Huckabee was proposing an end to immigration from terrorist countries. We speculated that perhaps he wasn’t thinking about how that would affect Cubans, since Cuba is officially on the State Deparment’s list of terrorist states. It struck us as odd that a candidate trying to court Cuban-American voters would take such a posture with regards to Cubans fleeing the castro regime.
A few days later, would-be candidate and all-around jackass Joe Garcia characterized Huckabee’s new immigration proposal by saying:

[Huckabee is] trying to find a niche among older Cubans within the ultra-right wing, who are angry, who don’t have relatives on the island, and who tend to dislike all the new Cubans who’ve been arriving.

Well it turns out that. not surprisingly, we were right and Garcia was wrong.

Huckabee also clarified his position on immigration, saying that he holds Cubans in special regard and therefore wouldn’t include them in his proposed ban on immigrants who hail from nations that the State Department says sponsor terrorism.
”There’s a different picture for Cuba because of our long history that has been established since the 1960s. And we have a very distinct policy when it relates to Cuba, one that I think we should continue. And that is that if you get a foot on dry soil, you should be able to come here,” Huckabee said to reporters and about 50 supporters.
“I wouldn’t do anything to change that policy one iota.”

This was not a new strategy to divide the Cuban-American community. On the contrary Garcia was projecting his desire to peel Cuban voters away from the Republican party. It’s not the first time that Joe has intentionally mischaracterized statements by a Republican politician.
And there are people that still defend Garcia in this community. Unbelievable.

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  1. Henry: You say that Joe Garcia is a jackass. Is that because the jackass is the symbol of the Democratic Party?

  2. This is the same Joe Garcia who on election day 2004 pranced before the Miami TV cameras with “pollster” Sergio Bendixen to announce 90 minutes before the polls closed that according to their estimates, Kerry would win Florida. They returned 30 minutes later to predict that Kerry would win Ohio and was therefore going to be the next president of the U.S.
    Garcia makes a living from saying lies and outrageous statements on behalf of the Democrats. I hope that he runs for office and gets steamrolled and humiliated, so that we don’t have to see his curls on the news anymore.

  3. Winning Dade-County does not mean winning the Cuban-American vote. There are huge populations of Democrats in Miami-Dade county (including jews and blacks) as evidenced by the many Democrat country mayors we’ve had including Alex Penelas. Cuban-Americans have even less numbers in Broward and Palm beach.

  4. Corgiguy,
    I’m not endorsing Huckabee or anything he said. I’m actually endorsing my read on the situation he created when he mentioned banning immigration from terrorist states. Re-read the post and the previous posts we did on the matter. I’m calling out Garcia because he grasps at any straw to slam the exile community. I don’t like Huckabee. He and Ron Paul are the only Republicans I would not vote for in November.

  5. Henry, fair enough the huckster is the republican version of slick willy, after all he’s from AK. I’m looking for a goldwater type republican,can’t find it in this group, i liked paul for while until those newsletters came out, that did it for me. Don’t rule out the independent candidate bloomberg, got billions, he might be the ross perot of this election.
    Frankly i think i’ll sit this election out, grew some vegetalbes in the backyard and use my worthless paper money to heat the fireplace.

  6. Henry, how do you feel about romney’s connection with Blackwater USA? his top security adivsor COFER BLACK is the second in command at Blackwater, to close for comfort for me. Also his rhetoric with respect to illegal immigration has the scent of bigotry don’t you think?

  7. On immigration, most Republicans unfortunately sound that way. Have you seen Michelle Malkin’s blog lately? It’s the one issue I seriously disagree with my party on.
    As far as Blackwater and Black go what’s your concern? I’m gonna be honest and say I don’t know that much about either.

  8. Henry, Blackwater is a shadow private mercinary army, that’s been used in iraq. google Jeremy Scahill Blackwater and check out his youtube on it.
    The issue with blackwater is that they have no accountablity and can be used to sidestep the constitution. check the wikepedia on blackwater and you see the tie with chirstian right.
    The Immigration issue is big turn off for me with the republicans and is going to hurt them with the overall hispanic vote. We have 12m undocumented alie here, we got to deal with it, there’s now way we can send them all back. Let’s not turn all this folks into enemies. That’s not the america that i grew up in.

  9. Agree completely about immigration. I have written about it extensively at
    I had heard of blackwater but it all sounds a little to conspiratorial for me. There’s several military contractors working in Iraq. You can imagine trying to secure a country of more than 20 million with about 160,000 troops. I’m sure there have been abuses but I don’t think it’s part of any conspiracy.

  10. Cofer Black was a career CIA officer, among whose last posts was chief of station in Khartoum. Sudan. As such he was one of the first officials
    who actually hunted down Bin Laden in the mid 90s.
    Bin Laden, took it kind of personally, and tried
    to stage an assassination attempt on him. Later as
    head of the Counter Terrorism Center; he directed
    the JAWBREAKER and TRODPINT search teams into Afghanistan. Those situations dramatized in “Road to 9/11” which the DNC stroke to excise from the
    program. His staff did fail to alert of Al Midhar and Al Hamzi’s presence in the States, but that was mostly because the stupid rule that Reno’s assistant Jamie Gorelick (future 9/11 commissioner
    & defense attorney to suspected financiers of the
    attack; ie: the Islamic Shamal Bank!)had made making FBI/CIA communications almost impossible.
    Thank God for the Patriot Act! After the attacks he was State’s counter terror liason with foreign governments. He did move to BlackWater in 2004, because it is composed of the most highly trained
    former special forces operators and intelligence officials; not constrained by stupid ROE that get
    people killed

  11. Is Joe Garcia or Raul Martinez going to use Janet Reno’s little red truck that she used for campaigning for governor in 2004?

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