A thank you

I went to Whole Foods Store in South Miami tonight. Nice place, a little expensive, but very nice. We bought some fresh catfish for next week and some andouille sausage I’ll be grillin’ tomorrow.
While walking in the store with my son, I reached for my cell to try to locate my wife in the store — she can disappear quicker than smoke when she’s on a mission — and discovered I didn’t have it. Must have left it in the car, I thought. After shopping (and eating the superb sushi from Sushi Maki) we returned to the car and could not find the phone. My wife dialed my number to see if we could hear it ring and to her surprise it was answered by a lady who told her she had found the phone in the parking lot and had called the first person on my list, Aaron Aardvark. (Just kidding.) My wife handed me her phone so I could make arrangements to go pick it up. It was a few miles from the store.
I called her as we drove into the parking lot of her building. I waited outside the lobby and as she walked towards me she waved hello with my phone in her hand. I thanked her profusely for saving it. I thought I recognized her but didn’t want to ask or be a bother. I mentioned her name to my wife as we drove away and she said that it couldn’t be her because she remembered her having dark hair.
Only after I had arrived home and read my email from my buddy did I confirm that the nice lady who had found the phone was indeed none other than local CBS Channel 4 newscaster Michelle Gillen. If any of our readers know her, send her this link and thank her again for me.

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  1. I went to college with Michelle Gillen at Emerson College in Boston long ago. She’s a sweetheart, no doubt about it.

  2. George, let me clarify. The sausage may have the trichina worm, which will afflict you with trichinosis a month after you eat it. I meant it humorously. I am one of the rare Cubans who for health reasons does not eat pork.

  3. George: I don’t eat pork or camel for religious reasons and I am a Democrat who makes cogent commentaries, especially about dialogue with Cuba and electoral support for my friend Raul Martinez.
    I am not as rare as you think.

  4. You are most welcome!
    Your thank you is most sweet and it was my pleasure to “rescue” your phone from the unknown fate awaiting it on that hectic parking lot floor. (Crush!) With council from your buddy, I thought it best to keep it with me rather than risk it getting misplaced by staff. Having lost too many phones myself I am happy to spare anyone the headache of trying to replace all involved.
    It was great to meet you. And to my school friends – please say hi! I can always be reached (and my TV investigations screened) at http://www.michelegillen.com
    Best regards to all,

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