8 thoughts on “From Peggy Noonan”

  1. GEORGE: I like noonan’s insigths. The reagan coalition is falling part, the evangelicals are finding that when you mix religion and politics all you get is politics. Watch this week NOW on your PBS station, a good report on the changing evangelical voters.

  2. Say what you will about the gang of 14; but for their agreement, Bush got his nominees through the Senate which is what we wanted all along.
    If not for that; fillibusters and nothing getting done.

  3. W did destroy the Republican party. The dire consequences of his Presidency will be felt for a long time.
    In 2000,the Democrats won the popular vote, Bush won the electoral vote under a cloud of suspicion and was elected President.
    I do not understand the cavalier remark in Jonathan’s posting that Bush was somehow a better President because he took us to war. The war in Iraq is a disaster on all scales. The war against Al Qaeda should have been concentrated in Afghanistan and in northwestern Pakistan where those miscreants Bin Laden and Al Zawahri are hiding. But we do not have an even coherent foreign policy to achieve those objectives.
    The final result on Iraq is that by ignorance or deliberate incompetence, we were misled into the war with Iraq at a cost our grandchildren will have to pay.

  4. “Iraq at a cost our grandchildren will have to pay.” And granchildren of Iraqis will live in a democracy in the heart of the middleeast while your granchildren whine about a deficit that is lower as a percentage of the GDP than it is now.

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