She really, really, truly, deeply cares

She cares. Oh does she care.

Miami mayor Manny Diaz endorsed Democrat Hillary Clinton on Sunday as the presidential candidate appeared at a private fundraiser in Miami Beach.
“Because she cares about Miami,” Diaz said. “Because she cares about cities, whether you’re talking about economic opportunity or global warming, housing, education, health care, rebuilding our infrastructure — not just here but throughout the country — she is committed.”

The corrected sentence should read “she [has to be] committed.” Elian, please pick up the white courtesy phone at the Revolutionary Palace.

17 thoughts on “She really, really, truly, deeply cares”

  1. Elian, please pick up the white courtesy phone at the Revolutionary Palace.
    Dude, give us a warning next time! I scared the crap out of the office laughing so hard.

  2. This guy is, well, anyone can do the math. Sometimes I seriously wonder if Cuba has the world’s highest per capita ratio of shitty offspring. If it’s not the highest, it has to be way up there. Obviously, this IS related to what happened in Cuba and how long it’s lasted. I know it’s nasty and unpleasant and nobody wants to go near it, but sooner or later we need to wake up and smell the rancid coffee.

  3. George: This guy MUST BE KIDDING! Come on find out what they promise him? What? She might win and steal the presidency with empire politics but if this guy wants to be respected as a Cuban after these Clintons did to us he wouldn’t do that. I see the political side, the pressure, the perks, the money but there is also politics on this side, with scruples. This guy is a piece of shit!

  4. This is my personal take on this repulsive development:
    This is a classic case of opportunism and lack of dignity. Being Elian’s lawyer already yielded as much benefit as it could for Diaz; there’s no longer anything left in it for him, so it no longer matters. It’s history. Hillary is NOW, and you’d better believe he’s not doing this for nothing. If she were to be elected, or even just nominated, she’d have much more reason to be “grateful” to him than Obama would if Diaz had endorsed him. As I said, the math is obvious.

  5. We have Hillary, who reminds me of Nurse Ratchett, from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, and with all that talk about health care it makes me wonder. Then there is Berraco, BerracObama. Would you vote for a guy named Berraco?

  6. “She really, really, truly, deeply cares” . . . about “ME a ME” 🙂 … it’s all about her! …and she’s do and say anything to get what she wants!
    Why when a democrat says they care, it’s taken face value and perceived as sincere? but when the same is done by a republican, it’s plain and simple pandering?
    I wish you well 🙂 Melek
    “Politicians are living proof that intelligence and moral integrity are totally unrelated to each other.” ~ Unknown

  7. I think our community is the one that has been the stooge led by our original three stooges, Lincoln, Ileana, and Mario.

  8. Well I have always said Many is full of shit and he just confirmed it.
    And he thinks he will be voted as Mayor again ? Ha aha ha ha

  9. Pero que plasta!!
    First Crist & Martinez, now MD — makes me feel like walking around with a bag over my head before saying I’m from FL. What the #@&$*!! are people drinking down there?
    Hey, who in Miami didn’t see it coming that Diaz would use Elian for nefarious purposes …. like, getting elected? Hello???
    I just wonder what a Billary White House has promised him; maybe a diplomatic post in post-embargo Havana with Reno as a good-will ambassador. Scums of a feather flock together.

  10. Manny Díaz’s one and only inspiration has always been money money money. Coming in close contact with it so late in life, he’s now grabbing all he can. You could have thought that he’s completely satisfied now that his association w. Jorge Pérez and many under the table dealings have made him a multimillionaire, but no, he wants more pesos. All of a sudden he eargerly jumps into Hil’s wagon and that only means that somebody in that group promised him something that means mucho mucho $$$ in his eyes for the future if la Hilaria wins. He should build a shrine to Eliancito at home… that little boy has made him a fortune!!

  11. I am very disappointed in Manny. True Manny is a long-time Dem who left the party only after the Elian raid, but this is too much. I would disagree with whatever choice he made since he is always going to swing left but Hillary? True Obama is more lefty than Hillary but at least he is not tainted by the Elian mess.

  12. It is indisputable that Elian has become exactly what the exile community predicted and feared for him: a heavily indoctrinated robot and political trophy object. True, Hillary’s husband was the president and the obvious primary culprit, but I don’t believe she lifted a finger to help the boy, and I do believe she was completely in agreement with her husband’s course of action. They’re obviously birds of a feather. If she HAD been president, I expect she would have done what Billy Boy did (no doubt with his input to that effect). There’s no way I can respect any Cuban who would have so little dignity as to support the Clintons (and make no mistake, we’re talking about a joint or co-presidency if she’s elected, so supporting her is clearly supporting HIM). There’s absolutely nothing Diaz can say or claim that would justify this infamy, certainly not in my eyes.

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