A sincere apology

This morning I did something really bad. I know I should not have done it—I have been warned against it countless times—but I just could not help myself. It was an uncontrollable urge that came over me that I found impossible to ignore. Although I am quite aware that by doing what I did, I would incur the righteous wrath of many, I succumbed to the craving.
This morning I voted.
I know, I know—Cuban-Americans are not supposed to vote. Even though many of us are US citizens, we are merely intransigent rabble-rousers that time and time again have foiled your liberal machinations. We have committed the most mortal sin any minority can commit: We have thought for ourselves, and advocated issues we find important.
To those of you I have offended by exercising my constitutional right, and all the other horrible things we Cuban-Americans have subjected you to, I beg your forgiveness. I know my act this morning was reckless and crazy, but you have to understand; this democracy thing is so irresistible.
And just so you know that come November, I don’t think I will be able to resist the urge either.

10 thoughts on “A sincere apology”

  1. Alberto, I expect you’ve already done it, but please make sure you send a copy of your apology to Mr. Oliphant the cartoonist and to the Washington Post. I would hate for them to be offended yet again. It’s the least we can do to placate and show respect for our betters.

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