14 thoughts on “Hillary flops on Cuba Family Travel Restrictions”

  1. CNN just released an interesting video clip regarding the Cuban-American vote. It does well in that it states that CA’s are tired of supporting candidates that make promises and then forget us for four years. Its good press that our Repub. candidates should take notice. On the side did anyone else see the article where hugito is accused of being a homosexual. It is a good article and probably true.

  2. I just went through the transcript of the State of the Union address and found no mention of political prisoners and only a mention of Cuba. I was not able to watch it. Did the President make mention of his guest? Very curious as it is not mentioned online.

  3. pototo,
    For some reason, unlike the other STOU addresses, the President did not make mention this time of the invited guests. my guess is that the speech was a bit too long.

  4. He did not follow the usual protocol (since Reagan) of highlighting invited guests that were in the gallery. Instead when the president spoke of various initiatives the TV camera’s focused on the guests to which the issue pertained. For example he talked about some big summit that’s going to take place in New Orleans and the cameras focused on Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. I was cooking so I can’t say whether or not they showed the guest.

  5. I don’t see how Obama being against the family restrictions is getting “to the left of Hillary.”
    I can’t think of things more “leftist” than a government that dictates when you can and cannot see your family. If that’s not government intervention in people’s lives, then I don’t know what is.

  6. Yeah, Yeah. You know that’s exactly what he was trying to do. It’s a called a differentiation strategy. He was trying to show the few Cuban-American Democrats that there are that he is incrementally “better” than Hillary inasmuch as he’d at least start to dismantle the embargo. A baby step, if you will. Since those steps only help the regime (less restricted travel before didn’t hurt it, that’s for sure) it’s to the left.

  7. I think you should be free to travel to Cuba, you want to go?, go at your own risk, from being arrested to getting sick or robbed.
    I would prefer to go with about 50,000 Marines and take these F..in bastards out of power!
    How can anyone forget Elian?

  8. Henry,
    If anyone has tried to dismantle the embargo, it’s mainly been Republican congressmen from crop-growing states.
    This entire debate has gotten ridiculous. While the rest of the world views elections as a healthy product of democracy, some view them as conspiracies to remove the embargo.
    Barack Obama’s position on the embargo is crystal clear. He is in favor of the embargo but against Family restrictions.
    I think the last thing Cuba needs are more soldiers roaming the streets.

  9. Missle,
    Please don’t come here with that. Yes, some GOP politicians from the Heartland are responsible for the agriculture sales but when you look at votes to weaken the embargo like the last Rangel amendment, 90% of Republicans voted against weakening it while 70% of Democrats voted FOR weakening. I’m going to continue to say that while I welcome those Dems that buck their party to keep the embargo strong, IT IS largely a partisan issue with Republicans being for the embargo and Dems being against it.
    Those are the FACTS. Sorry that they happen to be inconvenient to the story, you Joe Garcia and the Miami Herald are constantly peddling.
    I can’t wait for all 3 Republican representatives to be re-elected so that the this fiction about the generational differences can go away for at least another year until the next election cycle.

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