Here’s your nominee….

Speaking about Global warming
USA Today, November 2004.

Sen. John McCain called on President Bush Tuesday to do more to fight global warming. McCain, R-Ariz., pointed to a study on rising Arctic temperatures as further evidence that changes in the earth’s climate aren’t being addressed seriously enough.
“Some of us believe that the accumulation of knowledge argues that we act, rather than continue to accumulate knowledge,” McCain said in criticizing the Bush administration’s climate strategy as research-heavy.
McCain said the study, which was released last week, “clearly demonstrates that climate change is real and has far-reaching implications for society.” (Related story: Report on Arctic warming)
McCain has held more than a dozen hearings to build support for a bill he sponsored with Sen. Joe Lieberman, D-Conn., to impose modest mandatory controls on U.S. greenhouse gases.

Op-ed written by McCain and Joe Lieberman, February of 2007

THERE IS NOW a broad consensus in this country, and indeed in the world, that global warming is happening, that it is a serious problem, and that humans are causing it. The recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded there is a greater than 90 percent chance that greenhouse gases released by human activities like burning oil in cars and coal in power plants are causing most of the observed global warming. This report puts the final nail in denial’s coffin about the problem of global warming…
The debate has ended over whether global warming is a problem caused by human activity. Consequently, we can and must act now to solve the problem, or else we will bequeath a dangerous and diminished world to our children and grandchildren.

The debate has ended says McCain and what’s the solution to the problem according to McCain? According to National Review:

The proposed bill, co-sponsored with Joe Lieberman, mandates an energy-rationing scheme that all economists acknowledge is equivalent to a broad-based energy tax which is similar to Bill Clinton’s 1993 Btu tax proposal. Energy would be taxed through the back door by placing a cap on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that energy-producing companies can emit. It puts a legal limit on the amount of energy that can be drawn from conventional sources such as oil, coal, and natural gas.
The EPA has estimated what the McCain energy tax would mean to consumers. Since the bill’s provisions are phased in, the full cost of the tax would not be felt for a number of years. But in a letter to Senator McCain dated July 2007, the EPA estimated that the tax will be about $.26 cents in current dollars per gallon of gasoline by 2030 and $.68 cents per gallon by 2050. For electricity, the EPA estimates that the McCain energy tax would increase individual’s electric bills by 22 percent in 2030 and 25 percent in 2050.

Who needs the Democrats to implement regulation and taxation, under the pretext of helping to arrest rising temperatures that until very recently scientists believed were falling, when you have John McCain the paragon of conservatism to do it?
Friends, (as McCain is fond of saying when he puts on his “straight talker” mask) the communists that failed to beat us in open competition, that failed to beat us militarily, are back and they are trying to dismantle American industry and American competitive advantage and lower American standards of living through the cult that is modern-day environmentalism.
Why would anyone consider admitting this Trojan horse into the White House. If we’re going to get screwed it might as well be by our enemies.

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  1. Henry,although i understand your concerns…imagine “Billary” or “Os..Obama” in the White House….with that thought, go and vote next november…

    The republican base IS NOT ENOUGH for a Republican to win the presidential nomination. We need the Southern Democrats and the Independents in order to beat either Hillary or Obama. PERIOD!
    Neither Romney nor Huckabee will be able to do it. NOW if you want Billary or Obama in the White House… That’s a whole other matter!

  3. Henry,
    Reagan was running against Jimmy Carter. I know, I was there. Era pelea de leon contra mono amarrao. Firefly is right.
    I know you are disappointed right now. But, McCain is the best bet to beat Hillbilly or Osama. Mitt can’t do it, and certainly Huckleberry can’t do it. Do you really want Hillbilly in the White House again??

  4. I roundly REJECT that McCain is the best bet. I am telling you he’s our worst bet. If he wins we lose, if he loses we lose. We need to nominate a candidate that we would want as president not a candidate that might keep someone out of office.
    Sorry if that logic is plain enough to understand.
    You think gas is expensive now, McCain wants to tax it even more.

  5. Henry,
    “If he wins we lose, if he loses we lose”.
    I understand that you’re upset and that no one can change your mind…
    but, you have to reason. McCain is the best to win against Clinton/Obama period.
    Mitt doesn’t stand a chance. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time and we can’t start over. We have play with the cards we’ve been dealt.
    At this point I’m only wishing and praying the VP nomination for McCain would be Thompson, some people are speculating this happening. Hopefully this will occur, it’ll even out the playing field.

  6. McCain is the best to win against Clinton/Obama period.
    Based on what? just because a bunch of pundits in the MSM repeat a lie a million times doesn’t make it true. We’re Cuban-Americans, if there’s something we should know by now, it’s that.

  7. Henry,
    From an out-of-stater, can you explain to me why all the ‘Cuban-guard’ politicos endorsed McQueeg??
    Did he secretely promise to scale the fence over Gitmo and attack Raul??

  8. Henry,
    Thanks for the great post. It’s the type of message apparently missed on the “Straight Talk Express.” Don’t believe the hype that McCain is the only candidate that can beat the Dems. When exactly was the last time this country elected a non-southern, liberal to the WH?? Arguably JFK in 1960 and he was a war hero who talk like a hawk. Otherwise it’s been LBJ who was a tough talking Texan, Carter who ran as a Christian conservative, Navy man, and Clinton who ran as a southern moderate and garnered a mere 43% of the vote against a fragmented right. In each case where a northern liberal ran they were soundly defeated. Humphrey then McGovern lost to Nixon, the Mondale-Ferraro ticket nearly lost every state, Dukakis was trounced and Kerry was beaten by 3%. The only other election that was close was Gore a southern (supposed) moderate. America simply isn’t that left leaning. It will be a real shame if the country is led in that direction by a Republican liberal….

  9. Have fun living in the past. Keep wishing the Sarcophagus of Ronald Reagan could run for president.
    Your party has spoken, your city has spoken and your countrymen have spoken. It is you that is in denial.
    Keep pretending things are the way they exist in your head and watch your influence become irrelevant. Keep pretending that it’s a great idea to do nothing about global warming. Even if it ends up not being true, it’s pretty stupid to ignore something this potentially catastrophic.
    Also, keep pretending that calling Obama by Osama is funny.

  10. Thanks for that miseducation but your ridiculous taunts
    seem pathetically out of place considering that the
    discussion was about whom would be the best candidate for
    the GOP. A contest that has yet to be decided. If you’ve
    read the name Ronald Reagan thrown about it’s in reference
    to the Goldwater-Reagan conservative movement he launched
    and it’s guiding principles. Quite a foreign concept to a
    liberal since you’ve never actually had a candidate with a
    set of guiding principles or arguably principles for that
    As for the irrelevance of the Cuban-American vote; simply
    laughable. Perhaps you weren’t paying attention, but
    McCain, the candidate endorsed by the Cuban-American
    leadership won and carried upwards of 50% of the CA vote.
    In other words, McCain only won because of the Mel Martinez
    & Co. endorsement. If you consider that irrelevance stick
    around for the general election when every candidate will
    be sporting a Guayabera and chowing down on Cuban
    sandwiches in Little Havana.
    As for global warming every single civilization throughout
    history has had their bout with the dreaded cataclysmic
    global event (or universal if you’re Al Gore). Global
    warming is simply this narcissistic generation’s biblical
    flood. Feel free to believe whatever it is that scares you
    at the moment but when it comes to scientific data the
    debate is never “over.” In the meantime keep your hands off
    the thermostats of the elderly who unlike Al Gore can’t
    afford carbon “offsets.”

  11. You mean we don’t someone to raise taxes or sell arms to Iran like Ronnie. Maybe you mean we don’t want someone to sign off on onerous regulations (ADA) and mandates (Clean Water Act) all the while licking the butt of the biggest commie country in the planet like Bush 41? Maybe we don’t want someone to continue to federalize our education system or expand government programs like Medicare like W?

  12. Rasmussen polls the other day had McCain beating both Hillary and Obama. As for Mitt he was crushed head to head.
    The election is in 9 months. 9 months ago, Giuliani led the field in a Rasmussen poll with 30% followed by McCain at 14% and Romney at 11%. Funny how time, money and media exposure have an effect on the polls.
    Part of the dynamic of head to head polls is that they reflect what the media keeps on repeating.

  13. we know MCcain is not the “best” option,not even a good one,BUT,no matter the way you put it,Henry….MCcain is “less worst” than Billary,…like it or not,that’s a reality,and in base of that reality,when the time comes to vote,please vote “republican”,although, maybe wont be a “real republican”,is better a false republican than a real democrat… sounds akward but at the end these are the choices we gonna have…and remember,..”nothing is perfect in this world”….

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