Let’s talk about electability

I’ve already said why a McCain presidency and his policies would be a disaster for the Republican party and the conservative movement and I generally get an odd reaction. People say, of course he is more liberal than we would like but he can win. He can beat Hillary!
Much has been made about McCain’s supposed electability. I do not buy that tall tale. I don’t think the way to win over independents is to parrot liberal ideology. Some people point to polls that show McCain beating Hillary head-to-head as support for their electability theory. Now I work with surveys every day so I’m not the type of person who dismisses the science of polling. But polls are a snapshot in time and things change over time. The election is 10 months away. 10 months ago Rudy Giuliani had a commanding lead in the polls. What happened? Several things, but mainly people who were asked about candidates in a poll said they liked those candidates they were most familiar with. Answering a question in a telephone interview 10 months before the election is not the same as casting one’s vote once one has had a chance to tune into what candidates are saying and what the media is saying about them.
Remember when Fred Thompson announced his candidacy? The South Carolina polls at that time had him leading in that state. As we all know Fred finished 3rd and ended his campaign.
Now I want everyone who is interested in this presidential race to watch some video of how Mitt Romney debated John McCain yesterday. In the clip McCain attacks Romney’s record and then Romney corrects McCain with his version.

Now take a look at Hillary Clinton and imagine her in a debate with either of these guys. Who looks presidential? Who looks electable to you?

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  1. Governor Swift, Romney’s predecessor, was a complete embarrassment. Romney took over and competently cleaned up the mess she left behind. The Boston Globe is a carbon copy of the New York Times. Not being endorsed by them is a badge of honor. It is said that the Boston Herald, which leans more to the right, didn’t endorse Romney partly out of resentment that he didn’t run for governor again, abandoning MA to the Dems, as it is now a one-party state once again.

  2. I for one cannot separate Romney’s cult religion from the candidate. For anyone who considers themselves to be a Christian this should cause some to rethink. Romney is not any lukewarm Mormon. He did his years in Mormon missionary work and for those who do not study up on the cults, the Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers. I have seen Baptists bashed by a couple here regarding Huckabee and if they think he would be bad just wait to see Romney. We need to make sure we don’t sell out God for politics.

  3. I’ve said on this blog that Huckabee was bigoted about Romney’s religion. I also said that Huckabee sided with the liberals in the schism within the southern baptist convention.
    I don’t see how anybody can claim one religion is more correct than another. Mormons believe Jesus and Satan are brothers and Catholics believe Satan was an angel. Other religions don’t acknowledge Satan. And some people don’t even believe in Religion.
    The number one factor in determining one’s religion is the parent’s religion. Just because he was active in his church doesn’t mean anything to me.
    But hey, it’s America. Whatever floats your boat.

  4. Mormonism is not a religion. It is a cult. There is a massive difference between the two. I won’t vote for a cultist and Romney is nothing short of that. And some folks need to realize that Romney is not electable. Most conservative Christian Republicans and Democrats will not vote before they vote for Romney. He will sink the party in the election if he is the candidate. Like I said , if we turn our back on God during this election then don’t expect God to bless this country when the President doesn’t acknowledge the true God. Sound mushy? Thats okay. Values before politics.

  5. It’s a cult because you disagree with its dogma?
    No, you don’t seem to understand what a cult is.
    A cult is generally accepted to be defined by its secrecy, members are exposed to a cult’s beliefs over time and isolation, members are separated from their friends and families, and often from their worldly goods.
    McCain is the unelectable one. Conservatives in this country will not vote for him.
    I don’t think most people hold the same views about mormons that you hold.

  6. Well then do some research Henry on Mormonsim and much of their practices. One thing that a person’s religion involves is their religious views on pacifism. There is much controversy over the short history of the Mormon Cult regarding pacifism. Will that come into play with Romney?
    As for what you stated”A cult is generally accepted to be defined by its secrecy, members are exposed to a cult’s beliefs over time and isolation, members are separated from their friends and families, and often from their worldly goods.”
    1. It involves secrecy.
    2. Members are indeed exposed to their beliefs and isolated as I have firsthand knowledge of that.
    3. Separated from their friends and families throughout their mandatory multi-year evangelization.
    4. During that time they give up their worldy goods. Mormons may be one of the wealthiest cults. The RLDS is the largest landowners in Missouri. The LDS, well do some research on Salt Lake City, Metropolitan Life, etc.
    Romney is bad for America.

  7. Pototo, it’s not a cult. You can buy the book of mormon and read it. There’s no secret dogma that is only revealed over time. Doing missionary work is not the same as being sequestered. In fact it’s the exact opposite of isolation. They are out in the streets, knocking on doors meeting strangers and trying to convert them.
    The Catholic church probably owns ten times more land than any other religion. So what?
    That’s all I’m saying on this ridiculous debate.

  8. I have read it. I have done much research on cults and false religions. For me and many others it is. I cannot and will not vote for him. I truly believe many others will not for that very reason. I also hope they do not.

  9. What if I were to say to you that since I’m a Catholic, I think your religion is a false religion? That Baptists are cultists? You wouldn’t like it much. But I have done “much research” on religion and can proudly proclaim that the Catholic church is the one true church, the Universal church. All other religions are false religions and cults.
    Please. This isn’t 15th century.

  10. Pototo, I hate to break to you, but you’re actually participating in a cultish blog. Babalu is a spirit in the Santeria cult. 😉
    Ridiculous indeed…

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