Martin Sheen is an asshole

There’s some stupid committee to free the “Cuban 5”. They are 5 Cuban spies that were convicted in Federal Court and are serving their sentences in Federal Prisons. Anyway this dumbass committee has bought a billboard in la la land and they are putting together a P.R. campaign around it. Anyway they put out a letter calling for freedom for these 5 jerkoffs and Martin Sheen is one of the signers.
Martin Sheen deserves a swift kick to the nads. Why doesn’t he put up a billboard asking for freedom for the 300+ political prisoners, or better yet the 11 million Cuban citizens?
Martin Sheen, you just made the “Fuck You” list. I lost my draft of the list so I need help putting another together. The “Fuck You” list is a list of people that you’d like to rub Cuba’s freedom in their face when the day comes. Leave candidates in the comments.

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  1. Henry, I’m a little fuzzy on this. Are you saying you don’t like Martin Sheen?
    Please add to you FU list:
    Steven Spielberg
    Sean Penn
    Danny Glover
    Michael Moore
    I’m tired or I’d think of more.

  2. In reality, Sheen’s one of those mutated missing links of the evolutionary chain, half-man, half-ass.
    But on ocassion, the ASSinine percentage overcomes all else.

  3. Charles Rangel
    Christopher Dodd
    Greg Craig
    Ted Turner
    Wayne Smith
    Oliver Stone
    Michael Moore
    Mike Tyson
    Archer Daniel Middland Co.

  4. Martin Sheen, whose real name is Ramon Estevez, is the son of a gallego Communist who fled Spain during the Civil War. Instead of going to Russia with La Pasionaria and other commies, the gallego instead went to Dayton, Ohio, where “Martin Sheen” was born. Sheen has been a Bozo since before you were born Henry. Did you just discover this?
    Who from the Miami Herald is going to head your “Fuck You” list? That’s a tough choice for number one.

  5. I knew he was a bozo. just not how much so with regards to cuba.
    And that’s easy, Ana Horseface Menendez.

  6. I knew he was a bozo. just not how much so with regards to cuba.
    And that’s easy, Ana Horseface Menendez.

  7. Thank you Henry, today, these assholes are unveiling a billboard on Hollywood Blvd., traditionally reserved for film promotion. Now instead, we Angelinos get castro style propaganda, thanks to either Clear Channel or our illustrious do nothing constructive city council. (I’ve been busy, so I’m still working on that) I do know that Danny Glover is also on the list, as is Andres Gomez of the Maceo Brigade. Their angle is that the US (Bush, ignoring the separation of powers) is “protecting” terrorist Posada while incarcerating these 5 innocents whose only crime was in trying to protect Cuba from the “terrorist” Cuban exile community in Miami. Never mind the facts of the case. castro’s propagandists, i.e., the MSM are out in force on this one, and according the Free the Cuban Five website, it not just Hollywood, but Washington DC, and other cities. I’m sure these billboards will be strategically placed as to invade the consciousness of as many as possible. Sickening.

  8. Henry, Ana “Horseface” Menendez (with apologies to Mr. Ed) is unfuckable. No wonder her husband cheated on her. Like Robert De Niro told Ellen Barkin before having sex in “This Boy’s Life”:
    Barkin: You don’t like to do it face to face?
    De Niro: I don’t like that way.
    I don’t like to see the face.
    Barkin: – You mean, never?
    De Niro: – No.
    Barkin: – But that’s crazy.
    De Niro: – Look! You can get it doggie-style
    or laying on your side.
    “A horse is a horse, of course, of course. . .”

  9. You have to wonder why they don’t want to free the guy who was spying for Israel. After all, at least he was doing it for a friendly government. Gee, maybe that’s it.

  10. That billboard has Maxine Water’s name written all over it!
    Maxine Waters went to Cuba (with Hillary Clinton) as a member of the “Venceremos Brigade” back in the early 70s. She has always been pro-castro.
    Also, let’s not forget that Maxine Waters and Jessie Jackson helped return poor Elian Gonzalez back to his master.

  11. what do you expect? In the 1980’s, he and ed asner were in the forefront supporting the Sandinistas and opposing the contras. He and Asner were Ortega butt lickers.

  12. Firefly:
    There is no evidence that Hillary Clinton was a member of the Venceremos Brigades. There are various critical unofficial biographies of her that make no mention of it. They do cite former boyfriends saying that they smoked marijuana with Hillary and others claim that Hillary had affairs with women before she met Bill.
    In 1971, the Veceremos Brigades published “Venceremos Brigade: Young Americans Sharing the Life and Work of Revolutionary Cuba.” It’s a who’s who of their activists, including other renown figures today, but Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters are not mentioned.

  13. Martin Sheen es un comemierda. Don’t forget to add Sting to your list. “Spirits in the Material World” is utter hypocrisy.

  14. “It is this same idea that is found in the Social Gospel which impressed the youthful Hillary Clinton at the United Methodist Church in Park Ridge, Illinois. She later encountered the same idea in the New Left at Yale and in the Venceremos Brigade in Communist Cuba, and in the writings of the New Leftist who introduced her to the “politics of meaning” even after she had become America’s First Lady. It is the idea that drives her comrades in the Children’s Defense Fund, the National Organization for Women, the Al Sharpton House of Justice and the other progressive causes which for that reason still look to her as a political leader.”{BB3F7027-35CA-4777-8C3D-77B1494E4565}
    But I didn’t have to read the above quote from Frontpage Magazine (or other numerous articles on the web)to know this. I’ve heard it directly from a retired FBI agent (I wished I remembered his name) several years ago. He was a guest on a Miami radio show during Bill Clinton’s first campaign for the presidency.
    As to why here name wasn’t on the “Venceremos Brigade: Young Americans Sharing the Life and Work of Revolutionary Cuba” is anybody’s guess. I would hazard to guess that she didn’t use her real name.

  15. Imagine if everywhere these tontos utiles put up their “Cuban 5” billboards, we were to put up one next to it saying “Free Biscet.”

  16. Honest liberals (yes, I believe they exist) would not turn a blind eye on Cuban apartheid, repression of dissidents, and the lack of human rights in Cuba.
    The story of Hillary Clinton going to Cuba with the Venceremos Brigade keeps coming up, but it’s never been verified, has it?

  17. mrcs_Concepcion, Martin sheen and Ramon Estevez are half brothers they are not the same person.
    Ramon Estevez has also being known as Ramon Sheen.
    No matter what they are a bunch of freaks.

  18. Peter — Martin Sheen was born with the name Ramon Estevez in 1940 in Ohio. He later changed his name when he began his acting career. Martin Sheen had four children, the second of whom, born in 1963, he named Ramon Estevez, who also became an actor and sometimes used the name Ramon Sheen.

  19. Putting up a billboard about Biscet is *exactly* what should be done. Or “Adbusting” their sign.
    What does name-calling accomplish for Cuba’s political prisoners?

  20. David Horowitz is a political enemy of Hillary Clinton. Therefore, his claim that she traveled to Cuba with the Venceremos Brigade does not surprise me. What does intrigue me is that Horowitz, who has a master’s degree from the University of California, Berkley, fails to substantiate or document his allegation. As a trained historian, I always rely on primary sources on which to base my arguments. Horowitz is the son of Communist Party members and a former Marxist activist himself during the 1960s and 1970s. He was editor of the New Left magazine “Ramparts.” Surely, with all those former connections, he would have the evidence that Hillary was a Venceremos Brigade militant if that was the case. After the Vietnam War, Horowitz and other leftists like P. J. O’Rourke, made a living by morphing into conservative writers. O’Rourke once wrote a phony story for the “East Village Other” on how he had accompanied President Nixon’s press entourage on the first visit to China. He subsequently admitted that he had done it as “a joke.” I believe that Hillary sympathized with the ideology of the Venceremos Brigades during her 1960s leftist activism, but no documented evidence has ever surfaced that she was a member of that organization. The FBI has copies of the membership list of the Venceremos Brigades and the passenger lists of those who traveled to Cuba. I have no doubt that if Hillary’s name appeared on those documents, they would have been leaked years ago. Repeating a falsehood without evidence is the quickest way to discredit your cause.

  21. Tony:
    Thank you for clearing up that matter of Hillary in Cuba. Yet I wonder if such has some roots in truth or is merely disinformation …

  22. Gomez, you are just now noticing Sheen’s political stand?
    Where have you been?
    I mean, even casual fans of “The West Wing” and “The Missiles of October” know that Martin Sheen is a progressive through and through.
    Wake up and smell the hemp sandals man.

  23. Do you not read the comments that have already been posted when you post a comment of your own? Maybe you should, smarty pants.

  24. Do you not read the comments that have already been posted when you post a comment of your own? Maybe you should, smarty pants.

  25. It’s bad enough that she has close ties to the actual president of the Venceremos Brigades. Dr. Jonetta Cole, President of Spelman College. That
    they offered her a position on their education transition team. That they pardoned the likes of
    Susan Rosenberg. In the hayday of the SDS and its
    relationships with the Black Panthers, which brought forth the Weatherman ;based on their understanding of Guevarist insurgency, and the
    Black Liberation Army; of which Assata Shakur Aka
    Joanne Chesimard. Hillary for all her sympathies
    for such elements; ie her editing of apublication which printed “Cops as pigs” caricatures, she was sufficiently concerned about her political viability that she wouldn’t engage in such stunts. However, that doesn’t obscure their sympathies for the FALN whose members conducted the Frances Tavern attack. Sidney Blumenthal, one of their former and future advisors (once he gets over this DUI situation) was actually a co-editor with the Cuban DGI’s man Phillip Agee in the 70s. Morton Halperin, who upheld Agee’s betrayal of CIA agents as free speech, was a former Clinton advisor and co-chairs the George Soros netroots Center for American Progress. A likely high official in either the Obama or Rodham administration. Meantime they persecuted the likes
    of the Gonzalez family, because they wouldn’t let
    Elian become property of the Castro regime; evincing the animosity they didn’t hold for the likes of AQ agents, who had slipped into this country at the same time. Taylor Branch, King’s biographer and long time Clinton associate, was
    one of the first to print the black legend about, Bosch,Posada, & co, in Esquire,while whitewashing a real likely culprit, Ricardo “the Monkey” Morales, in “Harpers” in the Cubana Aviation attack. The release of “Shootdown” reminds us of the negotiations with Fidel by the likes of Richardson & co, and the negligence of Richard Nuccio, who would later play a part in the defenestration of American intelligence due to the stunts or Torricelli and Deutsch, due to Bamaca/Harbury sideshow.(Hey he wanted to be like Che, they met him half way, and he died like him) The former’s Torricelli bill, allowed Castro’s propaganda minions like los Van Van to enter this country, while dissident efforts were blocked in Cuba. Colombia was encouraged in Pastrana’s
    suicidal surrender fo one third of its territory to the FLN and FARC. Chavez was rehabilitated after his coup attempt, and his demagoguery give assent in the latter years of the Administration. Do we forget how they coordinated the campaign with Lawton Chiles,”the old he-coon” to brand the ’94 flotillas as an invasion, not unlike the Wilson efforts in California. Or how they used that incident, to circumvent the Cuban Adjustment Act, giving us ‘the odious wet foot/dry foot policy’. How Gitmo became a holding pen, for Cuban exiles till the great Magistrate, Janet Reno, changed her mind Did Amnesty International,
    Human Rights Watch call it the ‘equivalent of
    Auschwitz, then.

  26. Mr. Gomez, please include in your Fuck You List of Infamy the following “can’t miss” candidates:
    Barbara Walters
    Jane Fonda
    Naomi Campbell
    Ignacio Ramonet
    Gerard Depardieu
    Noam Chomsky
    …more to come as I continue my research!

  27. Bernardo, I appreciate your call warning me about this list. The Conductor has been forgiving toward me since I enrolled in court-ordered prostitute solicitation rehabilitation classes.

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