Unnecessary Losses

On a recent trip to Miami, I looked around the Versailles where, surprisingly, I was eating for the first time (Just never got around to it). The best places are always in one of those little stores with a lunch counter where you have to make your way through the jungle of cellophane packages of galletas. Anyway as I took in the bustling restaurant, I was struck by just how much Cuba had lost in the exodus of its citizens. I returned to the thought this week when reading about not one, but two different dance performances.
From an article about the Sarasota Ballet’s Production of “Las Hermanas”:
Havana-born [Octavio] Martin, a one-time member of the legendary Alicia Alonso’s celebrated Ballet Nacional de Cuba, brings lusty smolder to his role as the suitor, a preening macho man who turns as defenseless as a teenager against Strongin’s flirtatious wiles.
From an article about the Luna Negra Dance Theater in New York:
Eduardo Vilaro was born in Cuba and grew up in the Bronx before he landed on his feet as a principal dancer with Ballet Hispanico in Manhattan. Now he’s conquered another city, but this time it’s not as a dancer. After receiving his master’s degree from Columbia College Chicago, Mr. Vilaro stayed put and formed a company, Luna Negra Dance Theater, which is dedicated to fostering the work of Latino choreographers.

2 thoughts on “Unnecessary Losses”

  1. I’ve read that 20% of Cuba is exile, the best. The most talented and driven of society, one way or another, forced to leave the homeland. This is easily witnessed in what Cuba exports in their place. Not to denigrate Cubans on the island, but is it not accepted fact that talent thrives in freedom, not slavery? Not to mention state imposed hunger and poverty, just wait until Cuba is free.

  2. Who knows what talents live under the present conditions, designed to stifle all individuality, creativity? Not to mention, as you point out, the distraction of having to worry about finding food. Forget the arts. Imagine the sheer ingenuity it takes to survive in Cuba presently. I for one can’t wait to see what they do when they are unleashed in a free Cuba.

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