Call for Unity from Darsi Ferrer

In a letter dated February 1, Dr Darsi Ferrer calls for Cuban unity, describing the island as a time bomb. Some excerpts:
The government clings to power irrationally and creates false expectations as a means to stall for time. These include promises of changes and structural reforms, but their deeds demonstrate their complete incapacity and the scarcity of real solutions which would permit the enjoyment of a dignified life.
The International Community adopts an optimism in respect to the supposed democratic transition in Cuba which does not correspond with concrete mechanisms to make these materialize. There is not the slightest guarantee that the starting point to spontaneously resolving the problems of Cubans will be the death of one sick old man…
…I invite all Cubans to sit down, not to attempt unity, because that is utopian, but to start to learn to listen to each other. If we can listen to each other, then we will be in a condition to look for a way to be heard by those in power as well as the considerable skeptical and indifferent sector of the population. If we decide to sit down, why not aim to conduct negotiations. Our isolated voices and actions have little chance of effectively influencing our reality. We have the duty to sit, converse, reflect, reach agreements and co-ordinate actions….
…Cubans, every minute we fail to reach agreement hunger tortures our children, the Gulf collects the lives of our compatriots, those whose intent is to feed their families end up in prison, and violence gains new practitioners.

Read it in Spanish at Misceláneas here.

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