Cuban Miami

How’d I miss this one? Could be I’m not expecting to see a positive, if patronizing, article about Miami Cubans in the New York Times. Gotta be. My Miami brethren would know better than I if they got the shifting demographics right.
Roughly half the Cubans and Cuban-Americans in the United States live in the Miami-Dade County area, making up at least half of its 2.4 million residents, according to the estimate of Damian Fernandez, vice provost of Florida International University, based in Miami, and director of its Cuban Research Institute. And while the face of Latin Miami has certainly shifted as waves of new immigrants have arrived from Central and South America, the predominant flavor has remained. “In a way, the infrastructure of Latin Miami is a Cuban infrastructure,” said Dr. Fernandez, 50, a Cuban native. That traces back to the Havana-meets-Miami heyday of the pre-revolution ’50s and continues as more Cuban exiles arrive.

4 thoughts on “Cuban Miami”

  1. It’s a pretty accurate description, IMO. As the article mentions, Cubans may represent only half of the population, but they’re also the single largest ethnic group. As a result, local culture will be largely defined by Cubans, although I will add that you can easily escape this influence if you choose to. It’s common but it’s not EVERYWHERE.

  2. Would I read a comuñanga newspaper? Nah, I was brought up better than that. I do read anything I can find about Cuba, Cubans, etc…

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