Los Plantados

There are times when the frustration seems overwhelming. When we see the world turn away and ignore the cries for help from a nation that has been turned into a prison by a despotic regime, we wonder if anyone will ever listen. But there are men who have experienced the pure evil that is the castro regime. And through the beatings, the tortures, the hunger, and the humiliation, they held on to their hope for a free Cuba.
The regime took away their weapons, they took away their clothes, and they stripped them of every basic human right. They could not, however, take from them their reason, and they could not take away the most important thing the regime wanted, and so sorely lacks: Integrity.

That is something you always have on your mind—you remember that your cause is good and they are the ones who are wrong. That’s what makes men stand firm. Seeing impotence, but being better than that and saying, “No: I stay planted here because this is my position. I don’t have a gun to fight, but I’m fighting you with all my courage.” That’s a Plantado.

The video below is a documentary of these inspiring Cuban men known as the Plantados. They fought against tyranny with the only thing they had left—and won. It is a must-see for all of us. It is a reminder of who we are up against, but more importantly, it is a reminder that a few have stared down the devil himself.
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H/T Lori G.