Border games

The Mexicans are no good at it, but there is at least one piece of the American frontier where the United States can count on a foreign neighbor to do all it can to keep its citizens from crossing over to the American side:
The fenceline between the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo, “free” Cuba, if you will, and the rest of the island.
The Cuban dictatorship is vigilant, not so much as a security measure for the base, but as a means to enforce the law barring Cubans from leaving the island without its permission. Violators are dealt with, harshly.
So it doesn’t look good for three young Cubans recently caught, apparently trying enter the naval base on Jan. 20.
Independent journalist Luis Esteban Espinosa reports that the three escapees — Rubén Gutiérrez Villasana, 20, Julián Rafael Ruano Basulto, 24, and Jesús Manuel Peña Ramírez, 23 — were scheduled to soon appear before a military tribunal, which could sentence each of them to up to 7 years in prison for illegal exit.
The irony, of course, is that the three never had a chance. Even if they had been able to evade Cuban security forces, chances are the Americans — representatives of “the land of the free” — would have tossed them back, for only having “muddy feet.”

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  1. The Mexicans are no good at it? You’re too kind. They’re practically pushing and shoving their own people to cross the border so they can start sending dollars back to Mexico. Instead of moving heaven and earth to fix or improve the situation and conditions IN Mexico, so Mexicans have no need to emigrate, they simply bypass the real problem and dump the matter on the USA’s lap. I have no respect for this whatsoever. None.

  2. I agree with “Asombra”. The mexican gov. depends on illegal emigrants to keep thier economy afloat.
    Those poor Cubans on the wrong side of the Guantanamo fence were lucky not to be blown apart by the mines field planted by the castro tyranny. During my military time stationed in Gitmo, it was not uncommen to hear explosions outside the Base. We knew what that meant. Only God knows how many Cuban men women and children have lost thier lives blown apart by castros mines.

  3. The thing that floors me (or used to) about the Mexicans is that they’re blatant bullshit artists, yet carry on as if they own the moral high ground (even though, in reality, to them that’s strictly terra incognita). If they were as passionate and committed to fixing the mess in Mexico as they are about the US automatically accepting however many Mexicans want to come here, they might have more of a leg to stand on.
    As it is, they’re glorified con artists bound and determined to keep a great scam going. The very small percentage that runs the country and controls its considerable wealth don’t give a shit about the poor “nacos” who risk their lives to cross the border. They’re more than happy to get rid of them, especially when they know they’ll turn into sources of revenue for Mexico if they can settle in the US. Negocio redondo.

  4. I drove once from Santiago to Baracoa. The raod goes right by the base. Those soliders who are a stationed there looked much more professional(uniforms, guns, vehicles) than the others in other parts of the island

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