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  1. I see the Pats as better than the 72 fins for many reasons one of which from ESPN “the Dolphins taught the world that schedule strength means everything. The Dolphins played the third-easiest schedule in the modern era. Their opponents were 70-122, a .367 percentage that was topped only by the 1975 Minnesota Vikings and the 1999 St. Louis Rams. As it turned out, the Dolphins didn’t play a team with a winning record during the regular season.” I for one enjoyed last nights game as it was finally an exciting Super Bowl. As for the records I see that the Pats (who I am not too crazy about) won 18 games. I believe they are one of the best teams of this era. I also believe the fins had some good teams back then. But to call them the best is a reach. They went undefeated due to their schedule. But the Super Bowl cannot be taken from them. So hats off to the Giants ( I hate New York).

  2. The Pats can best the best ever football team in the history of sports altogether, but if you dont win the CHAMPIONSHIP, then the entire season is all for naught.
    And Id wager than not even the entire defensive line and line backers of the Patriots could keep a young, healthy Larry Csonka from ripping them new ones with each carry.

  3. While I believe what I said I was only trying to get a rise for fun. I should have said Romney was a gay mormon. Henry would have overheated.
    George, Weddings are okay. Graduations…..boring.
    Back to the cause…..CUBA.

  4. Orgullosa,
    As for funerals….. I hate it when they say the deceased looks so good. They never look good. They look dead.

  5. oye potato, the pats are not the only team ever to have won 18 games. San Francisco and the Bears won 18 games. The only difference is that they finished strong by actually winning the super bowl! You can whine all you want about the Dolphins and there schedule, but the fact remains they had a PERFECT season. 17-0 baby. They beat all the teams they were supposed to beat. They won all their playoff games and, unlike the Patriots, won their super bowl to complete the perfect season. You can’t ask for anything more. This is something no one has ever done regarless of the strength of their scedule.

  6. Last night was one hell of a football game. Things could be worse guys. You could be a Philadelphia Eagles fan like me.
    Pick your reason to celebrate today. Enjoy!

  7. You guys all suck – except pototo. Alberto, poetic justice? Please, don’t transfer your feelings for Belichick to the players.
    The giants outplayed us and gave it their all…but I really hate the fact that people can enjoy so much the Pats losing. For what? To get back at a coach you hate? To keep a record of 35 years? Please! Those players deserved to win; Junior deserved his elusive 1st ring. Today’s fan deserved to see what the 72 fans got to see. Rather than hate Belichick and protect so much an old record, Dolphins fans should concentrate on improving the 1-15 team.
    Records are meant to be broken guys; time moves forward and things change. The records set this year will be broken in the future. At some point there will be an NFL team to go undefeated.
    And as Terry Bradshaw so aptly put it he wants to see a team complete a perfect season just to shut up the people in Miami (don’t know if he was referring to fans, players or both!)
    I now retreat to continue my mourning…..

  8. Ventanita,
    Let’s hope the next team that challenges the Dolphins perfect season exhibits some class, especially from their head coach and organization. I’m sorry, but Belichick, aside from being a bad sport, is a cheater, and apparently is supported by the New England Patriots’ organization. That makes it even worse. If you have the kind of team and players those guys have, why in the world resort to taping opponents’ practices?
    On the other hand, a team like the Indianapolis Colts I could support and be happy in achieving a perfect season. Their coach, Tony Dungy, is pure class, and the players are as well. I’m sure most Dolfans would agree with me here.
    Besides, the 17-0 season, no matter how long ago it was, is something the franchise and its fans should never forget and be eternally proud of. That’s what being a fan is all about. One day it will be broken, I’m sure. I just don’t want a Belichick team, nor a team from the Dolphins’ division, to do it.

  9. Forrest Gump would have said “perfect is as perfect does.”
    Miami at 17-0 = perfect. Pats at 18-1, not so much.
    Go Fins!

  10. Robert,
    I don’t condone what Belichick did, but come on, you guys seriously think he is the only one doing it? Besides, what is the logic behind not filming from the field (the Jets), yet you can film from the stands? Hello? I can be sitting on the stands with a hell of a zoom camera and record to my hearts content.
    Didn’t the Dolphins have access to Brady’s helmet tapes last year?
    My point is, he got caught doing something he shouldn’t have; but to honestly think that made a difference in that game please. And I like the Jets.
    As for the record, I’m not saying the Dolphins fans shouldn’t be proud of it. They should. They will forever be the first team to achieve it. But again, come on – be mature as a team and don’t act like kids when someone comes close to equaling it.
    Montana had records that no longer exist; so did Jerry Rice. I’m a diehard 49ers fan. Was I rooting against Randy or Brady? Heck no.
    Belichick might be classless by deciding not to shake the hand of someone he considers betrayed his trust; he might be a lemon for being such a dick to the press; he can be whatever you want. But I’m sorry Robert, it is one thing to celebrate a team’s victory – the Giants winning the superbowl – it is another to celebrate a team’s defeat. That too is classless.
    The coach might represent the team, but you are forgetting the 12 guys on the field. Did I want Barry Bonds to break Aarons record? No, but he did, and he will go down on the record books. The guys on that field deserved that win as much as the giants – Belichick or not. I’m with Jimmy Johnson on this one.

  11. Sorry, eleven guys and the proverbial 12th man.
    As for your take on the Patriots, that’s your opinion. I root for teams, not against teams. And though I never was a Dolphins fan, I never rooted against them.
    Honestly, I couldn’t care less about the personality of a coach; whether he is warm and fuzzy or a dick makes no difference to me. What counts is what he accomplishes on the field. Teams don’t pay coaches to play nice, they pay them to win games.
    You enjoy watching Pats lose and Pats fan suffer – which includes me. I never rally against the losing team, no matter how much I dislike them. That’s the difference. At least the fans here showed some class and went to the airport to receive their team and thank them for a great season.
    And whether you guys like it or not, the Pats made this season interesting and special.

  12. Ventanita,
    The thing is that everyone came out of the woodwork pronouncing the Patriots as the “Greatest Team in the History of Sports” and, in all honesty, some Pats fans, and sports personalities, really swallowed that hook, line and sinker and barraged us with the “They’re the best evah!” bullshit, ad nauseum, ad infinitum.
    So, forgive those of us on the bottom of the football totem poll if we gloat just a little, as the “perfect” dynasty of a football team got some well deserved karmic comeupance.
    Either way, had the pats won, it would have been an asterisk year. There’s no place for cheating in professional sports.

  13. I know; the media has us crazy as well don’t worry. There were Pats fans that were also sick and tired of that side of the media; b/c there was also the other side that was completely anti patriot.
    As for the cheating scandal, objectively speaking, please, give me a break. The NFL really needs to revamp their rules in light of technology advances.
    Like I said before the Jets can film from the Endzone, and the Fins can get the helmet tapes, but you can’t film from the field?
    I’m not condoning Bill, it was a stupid thing to do and the ones suffering it are the players not him. But honestly, with my camcorder, I can get any coach any signals they want w/o violating any rules. That has got to be the most blown out of proportion thing in sports ever.
    The only thing I hope comes out of this loss, is that it goes away. And yes, maybe they would’ve had an imaginary asterisk, much like Bonds does. But maybe that’s exactly why it wasn’t granted this year. So that if they are again in that position, there will be no asterisk (though for some people there will always be an asterisk).
    But please, publicly saying you’ll pop champagne if a team loses? That’s childish, media or not.
    I will now return to nurse my heartbreak over the loss, which I’m sure is a feeling all of you are familiar with.
    SuperBowl XLIII – 49ers vs Pats – man would that one be hard for me!

  14. First, it isnt childish to pop champagne if a team loses. That’s sour grapes on your part. What athlete holding a record would want another athlete to break it? It simply flies in the face of logic and goes totally against human nature.
    As for your superbowl LXIII prediction, I pose that the Pats will not be one of the particpiants.

  15. sour grapes? Please Val; I don’t celebrate losses, I celebrate wins. I happen to believe records are meant to be broken. It is selfish to think otherwise; to want it only for yourself and not see anyone complete the feat again.
    I didn’t see Marino talking about popping champagne if Favre didn’t break his record; Jerry complained a bit, but no champagne popping either; nor did Peyton. Even Terry would be ok if another qb won 5 superbowls and surpassed him.
    The 72 Dolphins won’t be less of a team b/c another team has a perfect season. The records are accomplished; and the first to get there are never forgotten. To want to be the only one, is selfish. To not wish another team to have the same magical season, feeling and inmortality is unsportmanshiplike.
    Some of the 72 players are mature enough to realize this, some like Mercury, are not. Makes me wonder if they will implode when their record is matched and surpassed.
    Let’s agree to disagree; we have very different opinions on this.
    As for the Pats next year, we’ll see. Once I know who remains after minicamp I’ll let you know. But heck, if the 49ers make it I’ll have nothing to complain.
    I bleed red and gold firstly.

  16. Perhaps it is a lack of class on my part to root for 2 things:
    – For the continuation of my team’s record as the only undefeated team in history,
    – Root against a franchise that I have little respect for.
    It’s not about fans like you, Ventanita, although I can’t tell you how many obnoxious Patriots fans there are in South Florida, most of which have lived here most of their lives and go out of their way to root AGAINST the home team. I’ll admit to enjoy this at their expense of those fans, which yes doesn’t show much class, but oh well I guess I can’t help it.

  17. Ay mama…
    This is football, folks, it aint about class or anything of the sort.
    It is completely and totally about BRAGGING RIGHTS and being THE BEST. There is still only one team to have gone undefeated for an entire season and won the championship. That team is MY TEAM. and I will root against every single team that ever even remotely comes close to breaking that record.
    had the Pats won, I would not have been a sore loser and would have congratulated them, but just because youre a fan of that team doesnt mean that I have to root for them simply because they will be doing something “historic.” Thats just PC BS.
    The fact that most of the Pats fans down here had to eat major servings of humble pie is just gravy.

  18. Different points of views Robert. Me, records are meant to be broken and not last forever. And I don’t root against teams or celebrate defeats.
    As for obnoxious fans, well, they are in every franchise. I hated Redskins fans when I lived in Maryland; hated Cowboys fans when I lived in TX. Fins fans were way to quite during my stint in Miami, but then again it wasn’t a good time for the fins.
    As for the fans I’ve met up here, mostly they are quite proud of their franchise. They had hard times early in the 90’s and are proud of their teams turnaround. And I can assure you that the majority of the fans here, if any real cheating were proven that affected the outcome of a title (the Rams rumors), it would be the fans who would ask for Belichick’s head on a platter.
    Fans like me? Fans like me are hard to come by. 49ers inside and out since very early 80’s. My father loved Joe, so I loved Joe.
    As for you Robert, at least you are honest. I guess you’ll guys will understand when an undefeated team comes along, and so many people will start popping the champagne b/c they never again have to see Mercury or hear about the 72 Dolfins and their celebrations. You’d be surprised how much ill feelings you guys have accumulated throughout the states – at least the ones I’ve lived in.
    See you guys next season.

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