9 thoughts on “For the conservative voter who has everything”

  1. A response to Abajo Fidel:
    Pls don’t put words on my mouth. America is a great country because everyone is free to decide WHETHER TO GO VOTE OR NOT. My point was that I disagree with those who will stay at home. But, I hope u know what Voltaire used to say.
    I want to make it clear once again: I AGREE 95% with all that is being said about McCain here. Even though I consider myself more as a right-wing independent than a conservative, I agree that McCain is an incompetent flip-flopper,maybe not fit to lead America.
    But I’d vote him just not to see Dems at the WH. In Italy, anti-Americans are all rooting for them.

  2. Stefania dijo
    “Henry. I disagree with all those conservatives threatening to stay at home on election day, so handing over America to the Dems. If I was an American citizen, I’d hold my nose and would vote the lesser of the evils just not to hand over the country to ObHillary. Just my humble opinion. Thanks God we all agree that the Castros must be finished!”
    Stefania Iam not putting anything on anybodys mouth. No te confundas conmigo.
    You wrote that and I agreed to it..The other stuff following is my personal opinion..
    Que quede claro

  3. Abajo, you wrote:
    !I agree with what Stefania said 100% ..If you are a Republican YOU MUST VOTE FOR YOUR CANDIDATE NO MATTER WHAT.”
    The last part of the above sentence is not what I meant. I say I disagree with those who don’t wanna go vote on election day, but I still consider them Republicans, even if they don’t vote. That’s all.

  4. Parece que esa mulatona en la foto se esta perfilando las ñatas con esa grapa en la nariz para lucir más graciosa. Sorry, there is no translation of this into English, or it loses its meaning.

  5. According to my source, McCain has prepared a video featuring President Ronald Reagan to make the introduction. If McCain uses this video, it is very likely to backfire badly. This is the group before which Ronald Reagan said in 1975 that, “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell its numbers.”
    Read the whole story here

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