Dis, dat, and de odder ting

A huge cyber hug and thanks to those that helped via donations to help those perfect strangers get to China to adopt Mei. They just arrived in the States and you can see the airport arrival right here. Have Kleenex handy.


If you havent been to The Real Cuba this week, youre missing a whole heckovalot of excellent stuff.

Our very own Marta – after a bit of a scare that I wish she’d told me about sooner (ahem…) – is in Hawaii. I think she may teaching the locals how to make lechon. Drop on by and say “Aloha!”

Robert has his usual erudite and sane take on this coming staurday’s Code pink re-visit to Miami.

Interesting points on the wet foot/dry foot policy at Ninety Miles, right here.

My lunch date with Kay Abella and her husband Lou yesterday was something else. They are truly great people. Kay handed me a copy of Fighting Castro with the following handwritten message that brought tears to my eyes:
Your indignation is my inspiration.
Kay, I love ya. Mil gracias and I look forward to having you with us at Cuba Nostalgia.

6 thoughts on “Dis, dat, and de odder ting”

  1. Val, I was just about to send you an e-mail asking about Nostalgia….Great news. It would not be the same without Babalu there!

  2. OyeVal habla con los organizadores para que te pongan el booth este año en la entrada o en el primer pabellon
    Me imagino que cuesta mas $ pero se pueden hacer donaciones via pay pal desde ya si los babalusians desearian cooperar o maybe a big sponsor could donate

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