Square pegs and round holes

Reality, for all its genuineness, can still be twisted and reshaped by minds that are not willing to accept its actuality. The human mind, faced with conflicting information will many times find a way to force that square peg of reality into the round hole of its perception. And while many of us try to expose the reality of Cuba, there are still those that have a different perception based on the propaganda and lies disseminated by the regime and its willful accomplices.
A few months ago a group of students from Harvard went to Cuba. The purpose of their trip was to “experience the challenges and rewards of Cuban reality first-hand.”

For Wilson and Radford, who are both African American, the chance to experience a country that was a “racial paradise” was a main reason to visit Cuba. “Cuba has been my dream,” said Radford, “because I saw it as a racial melting pot and I wanted to experience what is was like to live in a non-racial state.”

Most of you reading this already know that they did not experience the “racial paradise” they were expecting to find. As a matter of fact, the article goes on to describe that these students experienced everything but a “non-racial” society in Cuba. The dream that these students had turned out to be nothing more than a dream; one of the many propaganda lies about the Cuban dictatorship that have been perpetuated throughout academia.
But in the end, the square peg of reality could not fit into the round hole of their perceptions. According to these students, Cuba’s societal problems are not because the regime is a murderous and oppressive machine; Cuba’s societal problems are because the regime is not implementing socialist principles correctly.
We have a long road ahead of us.

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