monkey picks fight with lion – lion beats up monkey

Back in June of last year chavez the monkey king, taking a page straight out of the castro, Inc. play book, decided to nationalize the oil operations in Venezuela of Exxon Mobil Corp. and Conoco-Phillips. He fell in love with the notion that as king, he could take whatever he wanted from whomever without paying for it, like his mentor fidel does. But it should not come as a surprise to anyone that monkey boy did not read the fine print in the castro play book which said: “Caution: Stealing private property could be hazardous to your country’s economic health.”
Exxon Mobil Corp. decided to go after the sticky fingered simian dictator in court and just won a court order to freeze $12 billion dollars of Venezuela’s assets throughout the world. We’re talking billions here, as in $12,000,000,000! And to add insult to injury, Conoco-Phillips is going after him in court as well.
It’s going to be hoot watching monkey boy squirm his way out of this one!
You can read all about it HERE.
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9 thoughts on “monkey picks fight with lion – lion beats up monkey”

  1. Chavez is as destructive to Venezuela as Castro was to Cuba. It’s like watching a train wreck, its like watching Britney Spears destroy her life on national TV, except that Britney Spears in this case is the entire nation of Venezuela and its being harmed by an outside force, a self-absorbed, ridiculous jackass. Someone has to take that absurd excuse for a human being out of commission before he finishes doing to Venezuela what that other piece-of-human excrement, fifo, did to Cuba.

  2. Now that’s just beautiful. Too many corrupt politicians like Chavez gain by letting people build, then taking it from them.
    In other countries, this would be called “theft”.

  3. Chavez is an incorrigible and dangerous asshole, but let’s not forget who put him where he is. He was remarkably easy to figure out from the start, unlike Castro, who was a much better actor, far more clever and cunning, and far more subtle and deceptive. Chavez is indeed scum, but Venezuelans have only themselves to blame for enabling the monkey.

  4. Asombra, let us not forget how many Cubans were out in the streets chanting “paredon, paredon.” We may have been fooled at first, but there is no excuse for what happened, or didn’t happen, when the truth about fifo became obvious.

  5. Alberto, I quite agree with you. My point if that if Cubans were stupid to fall for Castro, Venezuelans were downright insane to go for Chavez.

  6. Asombra,
    I agree with you. When chavez ran for president I told my Venezuelan friends not to vote for him… That he was a Communist and a very dangerous man.
    Those same friends mocked me by saying that “You Cubans are obsessed with Cuba and see Communists everywhere. What happened in Cuba will NEVER happen in Venezuela.”

  7. As the old saying goes, mas sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo.
    We did warn our Venezuelan brothers and sisters and unfortunately, they did not heed our warnings until it was too late. Now the best they could hope for is a destroyed national economy.

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