TV Alert: HRF on Fox tonight

NEW YORK (February 8, 2008) — HRF president Thor Halvorssen will be a guest on David Asman’s show to discuss the human rights crisis in Venezuela, the FARC alliance with the government of President Hugo Chávez, and the recent asset freeze imposed on the Venezuelan government in three countries.
Mr. Halvaorssen’s father, a diplomat with the rank of ambassador, was falsely imprisoned, tortured, and savagely beaten in a Venezuelan jail in 1993. A freshman at the University of Pennsylvania at the time, Mr. Halvorssen led a campaign for his father’s safety and release, enlisting the support of Amnesty International, the International Society for Human Rights, and numerous human rights advocates and public figures. Mr. Halvorssen’s father was freed on Christmas Eve of 1993 and all charges against him were dropped. In August of 2004, Mr. Halvorssen’s mother, a child psychologist, was brutally gunned down and wounded by members of the Venezuelan government security apparatus while attending a peaceful public gathering
Tune in at 7:15 pm on Fox Business News tonight.