Extreme innocence

Much has been said and discussed regarding the video of the Cuban students who in a meeting with Ricardo Alarcón appeared to stand up to the repressive machinery of the Cuban dictatorship. Were these students acting out of their own volition, or was this just another orchestrated event prepared by the regime for foreign consumption? Regardless of their motivations, it is important to remember that the regime rarely, if ever, allows anything to happen by chance. Their stranglehold on power, which has lasted nearly half a century has not come from allowing free thought and its expression. They have maintained the island under their domination by controlling each and every thought expressed by its victims. Although we cannot help but to hope this outburst of what most certainly would be deemed “anti-revolutionary” behavior is real, we must temper our hopes with what is the reality and the history of the regime.
Camilo López Darias, a Cuban blogger, wrote a very interesting and eye-opening piece on this video outburst on his blog, Estancia Cubana. He titled it, Inocencia extrema; Extreme innocence. Having participated in similar orchestrated events in Cuban universities himself, he recalls how he too initially felt hope that democratic changes and freedom for Cuba were finally on the horizon. He also recalls how disillusioned he felt when soon after he came to the realization that all those meetings and all those expressions of discontent were just a ruse played upon the youth of Cuba by the castro regime.

A los ilusos se los digo, el gobierno de La Habana no quiere cambios verdaderos, porque esa propia mutación podría generar el fin de su existencia, y es cosa sabida que este tipo de regímenes se alimenta de la ostentación y del control absoluto del poder. ¡No hay otra forma! Yo también creí alguna vez en esa transición interna, reposada y hasta justa hacia un sistema libre y democrático, pero me equivoqué como quienes se equivocan ahora esperando de la hebefrénica monstruosidad un signo de cordura. ¡No pierdan su tiempo, caballeros! Posiblemente habrá violencia y hasta miedo. No somos la URSS y la caída del muro de Berlín quedó hace mucho tiempo atrás. Para que las revoluciones dejen de ser tales han de ser barridas de la historia, de los libros y sobre todo del espíritu de la gente. Y eso no se consigue sembrando flores y discurseando poemas en los campus.

As you can see, Camilo’s posts are in Spanish. But I recommend to all of you that can read Spanish to read his entire post HERE.

5 thoughts on “Extreme innocence”

  1. Bueno como va la cosa por el Versalles con las code pink ,alguien que paso, Se comporto la comunidad cubana con respeto? Informen please
    the World is watching us

  2. Alberto,
    I agree that this could be a totally staged affair, but still I believe that the government did not edit that tape correctly. You see it is not what the students said, but the answer that alarcon gave them. This video has traveled to the planet and anyone who has seen the answer that idiot gave the students for not being able to travel or to stay in hotels has realized that government is nothing but a hoax.
    I don’t believe that government is free of errors like these. I refuse to see them as a well oiled machine incapable of a mistake, especially now, that I feel the placenta is no longer in absolute power.
    The placenta never allowed anyone around him to be more liked, or to be more powerful or admired by the public. He surrounded himself with puppets that did his bidding without question, he thought himself immortal. Now, those puppets are the ones left governing, and none of them have the astuteness or intelligence the placenta had. By picking these nitwits he guaranteed that regime’s self destruction, IMHO.

  3. abajofidel,
    A que te refieres con la pregunta de si los Cubanos se han comportado con respeto?
    I think they were very respectful the last time and dealt with code pinkos the only way these people can be dealt with. Did you see the circus these commies have in Berkley California? They got the Marines expelled from the city. I say Cubans need to keep code pinkos and Meada out of Miami.

  4. My God,
    Went into the Versailles/code pinko article at the Herald and I can’t beleive the comments in there. What is the matter with the Americans? It’s like the KKK got resurrected. Every day I pray that fifo dies so I can take my family to live in peace and harmony in Cuba. I don’t want my kids growing up around so much hatred and bigotry.

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