Los Angeles, Land of the Bacon Police

Whenever I whine about the smoking Nazis I always tell folks that food is next; I get roundly raspberried for saying such a ridiculous thing. After all, this is America, right?


I’m so glad they care so much. I may just make some of those tomorrow. I’d like to see them come here and arrest us for using bacon…

5 thoughts on “Los Angeles, Land of the Bacon Police”

  1. geez, my pregnant wife wanted one of these the other day. there is always a vendor outside of our hospital in downtown LA. at least this past Friday, the bacon was there and wrapped. good God, give people a break.

  2. You can bet if we get that “free” healthcare that Hillary and Obama want to “give” us, we will be fined for smoking or eating these no-no’s. Again, less personal freedom. On the other hand, I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years and never felt better and I live in the land of ham and bacon. I say, let porky live!

  3. Oppressing street vendors for capitalist (and market-desired) endeavors sounds more like Cuba than L.A.
    I hope people are outraged by this story.

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