Only world can save Antúnez

Former political prisoner Miguel Sigler Amaya today pleaded with the international community to demand that the Cuban dictatorship allow Jorge Luís García Pérez (Antúnez) to leave the island to receive medical treatment. Antúnez, who was released after more than 17 years in prison, was admitted to a Havana hospital Friday after suffering a heart attack.
Writing from Miami, Sigler laid the blame for Antúnez’s poor health, squarely on the shoulders of fidel and raul castro.

To my brothers who read this, do not be misled or confused, Antúnez’s disease is not accidental or natural. It was induced by the Castro brothers’ communist mafia. We cannot accept under any circumstances accept that our valiant brother-in-struggle dies in the hands of those who made him sick. We must ask the international community that Antúnez urgently br brought to another hospital in any country in the world that does not have relations with the Cuban government, in order to save the life of Jorge Luis Garcia Perez (Antúnez).
We pray to God for the speedy recovery of our brother.

Antúnez was released from prison after completing a sentence handed down by a Cuban court, but he is still not a free man. He has resumed his opposition activities, for which the government has arrested him at least eight times since last April.
As long as Antúnez is denied a chance to go overseas for care, he is, in fact, waiting for a death sentence to be executed.
Which is exactly how the castros planned it.
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