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  1. Henry, I sympathize, but politics is not about putting the best person in office or doing what’s really best for the public and the country. It may work that way very occasionally, but that’s the exception to the rule. Politics naturally selects for a certain kind of person, again with rare exceptions, and that sort of person is the kind of politician we know all too well, because that’s the norm. The best the voter can usually do is go for the lesser evil, even if it’s a no-win situation. I can’t see doing anything that would enable the Clintons, and Obama is completely unsuited to be president at this time, just like JFK was in his. No matter how unsatisfying McCain is, I don’t want to enable some totally green and deluded wannabe and have him pull another Bay of Pigs or Missile Crisis debacle. The circumstances are too delicate right now. I think we just need to be very, VERY realistic and cold-eyed. Nobody says we have to like it.

  2. Henry:
    I am no happy with McCain either (I voted for Guliani in the primaries), although I prefer him to billary or berraco and I agree he’s no SoCon or FisCon but why you say he’s non DefCon also?
    – rg

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