9 thoughts on ““Medea””

  1. It’s called overcompensation. Just take one look at the scrawny, spindly, retarded-looking wretch. It’s like some wimpy mama’s boy changing his name to Attila.

  2. Val, it’s perfectly understandable. She’s a communist and a feminist. Both are philosophies of hate and envy. One for wealth, the other for penises. The name “Medea” is perfect because the name symbolically represents the “killing” of all men, thereby killing her desire to have a big peepee.
    [This analysis brought to you by Freuds’R’Us, analysts and consulting for the post-feminist, post-modern age. For an appointment You can call us at 1-800-PENISENVY.]

  3. It’s my prediction that one of these days Medea is going to wind up spending some time with the Feds. She’s responsible for millions in property damage in the Seattle WTO riots and now she and her harpies have become a modern lynch mob, instigated and most likely funded by the monkey king and his mentor.

  4. Val, you’ve ruined my morning …..yuk.
    But frankly, I think “Medea” suits her. I’m sure she’s aware of the story and found a kindred spirit there. And I agree that one of these days she may end up in the can; cops have been extremely tolerant with these wackos, but all it takes is one push too many. I think some right-wing tank should look into their finances.

  5. Everytime I see that name … medea, why does mierda come into mind? From today we should all refer to that person as “Mierda”… I`m sure word will get to her.

  6. I object to you people making fun of my name again. Thanks for posting my book. I hope that many of your readers will now buy it so that the Cuban government can print my next edition.

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