Message to Cuba’s junta

Your collaboration with the castro regime’s crimes against the Cuban people will not be forgotten.
Excerps from Reuters:

Pinochet officers to be tried in absentia
PARIS – France is to try 17 Chileans in absentia over the disappearance of four French or French-Chilean nationals in Chile during the rule of dictator Augusto Pinochet, the French state prosecutor’s office said on Monday.
The 17, most of whom were military officers, will go on trial on charges of “arbitrary detention accompanied, or followed, by torture and barbarous acts” in a period between 1973 and 1975, it said.
Pinochet, who held power in Chile from 1973 to 1990, was implicated in the disappearance of the same four French nationals but died in December 2006 without ever facing trial.
Despite the death of Augusto Pinochet, this trial will nonetheless be a posthumous judgment on not only the dictator but also the whole of his system of repression,” a statement on behalf of the families of the four victims said.

There’s a living dictator whose crimes against humantiy far exceed those of Pinochet, where is the justice for his victims?

7 thoughts on “Message to Cuba’s junta”

  1. Ziva,i hope the crimes against the cuban people will meet justice,and the “junta” will pay….
    the only thing i dont agree is the comparison of the ‘DICTABLANDA’ of Pinochet,with the “DICTADURA TOTALITARIA” of Castro and the rest of the rats….
    Pinochet just fixed what the “socialists” broke with the help of that “junta” that you mention in your post…

  2. Tony, I agree with you, but if a court convicts Pinochet’s henchmen, then that is one more precedent to ease the way to go after castro inc. How many times have we heard the argument that a dictator is a dictator?

  3. Not to open up Pandora’s box or anything, but I read something a few years ago that I still remember:
    “Pinochet and Castro are two sides of the same coin: one from the left, one from the right, both oppressive regimes where dissidents were summarily taken care of.” – La Ventanita
    I only hope they get to one or both of the castro’s while they’re still alive.

  4. Dictators from the left never get their day in court. Case in point… The Noriega Bros. or the RUSKIES you see walking about and living in luxury.

  5. the big mistake is that people still consider Pinochet a “dictator”…history will prove the opposite…he did what he got to do at that moment to save his country from becoming another “cuba”….
    Pinochet saved his country,and allowed democracy…
    castro destroyed democracy and destroyed Cuba,economically,politically and socilally…..

  6. Justice? The world doesn’t give a shit about justice for Cuba and its people. It’s only had half a century to at least APPEAR to do the right thing, and it hasn’t even managed to pretend to care (except caring for the “revolution,” of course). There will never be anything even remotely close to complete justice, and the ONLY justice we’re going to get is that which we obtain ourselves.
    Many of the guilty are or will be dead or ancient by the time the regime falls; many have everything ready for a quick escape abroad (where they already have money and properties waiting for them); many will be protected by family and/or friends in Cuba; many will do or say whatever they have to in order to weasel out of retribution, and so on and so forth.
    Even the obvious and blatant criminals, like Raul Castro (let alone Fidel, if he lives that long), in the very unlikely event they fail to escape, is killing them going to make up for so many crimes, for all the destruction they’ve brought about? How could anybody REALLY make the Castros pay, given the astronomical scale of their guilt?

  7. Asombra, “How could anybody REALLY make the Castros pay, given the astronomical scale of their guilt?”
    That’s in God’s hands. Here on earth, we will have to settle for much less. I haven’t given up the hope that we will see a free Cuba in our lifetime. I know many disagree, but personally I would at the least like to see the castro’s and their collaborators get the Mussolini treatment, the sooner the better.

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