Alarcon defended the lack of travel and free internet to Eliécer Ávila Cicilia (see Marc’s unfortunate post below) by lauding Cuba’s health care and education. When I’ve criticized the castro regime to a supporter, the response I’ve heard most often is along the same lines. We’ve already seen the truth of the Cuban health care system thanks to The Real Cuba and clandestine videos taken by Dr. Darsi Ferrer. But what about education? Isn’t Cuba the great country that offers free medical school to anyone that will shut up about their political beliefs for a few years? Isn’t nearly every last person literate?
I ask now, at what price? They have already give up their political liberties for this system, but they must also deal with teachers who are as corrupt and psychologically defunct as the castro brothers themselves.
On Friday I read this article in El Nuevo Herald about a teacher in Cuba who accidentally killed one of his students by method of “silletazo.” That’s right, he hit him with a chair. Are they training the teachers and prison guards at the same place these days? I guess they’ll do anything to cut costs…
The article goes on to bring forth other disturbing incidents in Cuba’s education system. Incidents that seem to avoid making global headline news, while teachers who give Middle Eastern names to stuffed animals consume the airwaves.

La violencia en las escuelas se ha incrementado en la actualidad como resultado de la grave crisis del sistema educacional, la situación social y la incapacidad de profesores improvisados, quienes no son evaluados psicológicamente antes de que se les confíen los educandos.

Violence in schools has increased as a result of the grave crisis in the education system, the current social situation and the inability of improvised teachers, who aren’t given psychological evaluations before they are entrusted with educating.
Improvised teachers… sounds similar to the stories I’ve read from Dr. Oriol about medical students fresh out of school being labeled “specialists” by the castro government when they are shipped to foreign countries. Teachers (a.k.a children) are taken from their families in their early teens and shipped off to different provinces who are in need of their services. The “teachers” aren’t much older than the students themselves, which gives rise to an elevated number of sexual relationships between “teachers” and students.
The result?
– In a third grade classroom, a young male teacher made students perform sexual acts in order to prove that they weren’t homosexuals.
– In another primary school, two young female teachers, the gardner and a cleaning lady would make students take off their bottoms and then proceed to touch the students in inappropriate places. In their defense, they said it was only a game.
Again, I ask, what price are you willing to pay for free cuban-government-sponsored education? It’s bad enough that these students learn more about Che Guevara than Isaac Newton, but now they’re being molested too?

2 thoughts on “Miseducation”

  1. Monica,it’s really good your article,and also we can add to it,the classes of “History”,or Geography,or any other one already “altered” and “fixed” to fit the sistem ideology…
    in other words,the desinformation,lies and half trues taught by those teachers to the students,generations after generations…
    i prefer being free and illiterate than slave,”literate” and brainwashed……

  2. These new Cuban arrivals lack verbal and communication skills; many of them also have a very limited vocabulary. It’s quite obvious they’ve never attended an institution of higher learning.
    I notice a big difference between those that are “new arrivals” and that were “once” part of the elite (military, actors, athletes) and your run of the mill Cuban.

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