13 thoughts on “Is this what you mean by change, Big O?”

  1. Pototo, I deleted your comment as well. Folks, do you want to keep the high road debating these people? Then stop using this racist nonsense or we have lost the battle before we’re even on the field.

  2. I sure didn’t intend to inject any racism in the photoshop of Obama. The only thing wrong with Barack is that he is a communist dupe. The fact that Their Savior Barack allows or encourages his messengers on Earth to hang up flags glorifying the despicable communist murderer Che says it all.

  3. George,
    You were reading something into it and owe me an apology. I was referring to the che hat and beard and how it resembled the Planet of the Apes character. I sent Val a photoshopped image today of Che as an ape. Where does that have anything to do with racism? Take a look at any website with a Planet of the Apes soldier and you will see the resemblance. I think you may have been looking for something and possibly created a wrong understanding.

  4. Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t. A previous commenter on this thread also referred to the very same similarity in a snarky, almost bigoted, way. The similarity is funny, of course, when referring to che; when you bring Obama into it, and compare said movie, an new element is brought into the mix that is unacceptable.
    I don’t owe anyone an apology. We’ll agree to disagree on this one.

  5. PTG, you didn’t do anything with your Photoshop. It’s brilliant, as a matter of fact. However, one commenter said something I found unacceptable taking into account his previous record here at Babalu. Pototo’s comment, sadly, came right after his so I deleted it as well. See my previous comment explaining why I did what I did.

  6. Agree to disagree and delete my post anyway? George this sounds more like Cuba than an anti-castro blog. Maybe you said something wrong and maybe not so you will limit my free speech just in case? You can obviously do what you want and you will. But don’t be too proud to admit when you are wrong. I am sure this will ban me for standing for principle, but principle always comes first. You accused me of a racist comment of which I did not make. That is not right George.

  7. Pototo, when was the last time you read our Constitution? Only the government can limit your speech, not us. This is a private enterprise that can do whatever the hell it wants within its walls. It can permit comments, delete them, allow people to opine, or not. We are the sole determining factor. If you have a problem with that I’m sorry.
    I am not going to ban you because you are a valuable contributor to the debate on this blog. But if I see another comment like what I saw yesterday that even has the hint, the slightest whiff of racism towards Obama I will do the same thing. Not because I like him. It’s because I think he will be a terrible danger to the United States if elected, and I want the debate to stay strictly on the issues. Period.
    Are you OK with that?

  8. Well just to end this and set the record straight. My post had nothing to do with Obama being black. It had to do with the famous che picture (non-Obama version) that truly resembles someone from Planet of the Apes. Lets go on.

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