Student: “I was never arrested”

The Cuban propaganda machine can be an impressive beast, with the ability to be called into action at a moment’s notice to spread the daily version of the big lie.
University student Eliécer Ávila Cicilia showed up on Cuban television Monday night, to dispute earlier reports that he was under arrest after he gave the third degree to communist party hack Ricardo “Little Ricky” Alarcon.
According to Ávila, police and other officials showed up at his house not to arrest him, but to help him get treatment for a health problem and to give him a ride back to college.
For what it’s worth:

H/T to Penúltimos Dias, which also has the second part of the interview with Ávila and other students slaves.
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9 thoughts on “Student: “I was never arrested””

  1. That is one of the great advances of the regime’s healthcare system: It is the only country in the world where the police is sent to your house to take you to the hospital when you have a toothache. And they’re so nice and helpful there that they’ll also drive you across the country to drop you off at school so you don’t miss any classes.
    Yeah, en Cuba no falta nada; solo la verguenza.

  2. Boy is this damage control on the part of the commies or what? This has cemented in my mind of the reality of his original statement. Take note that the other student who was on another video is present as well. They are in some deeeeeeep doo doo. Well excuse me as I have to call 911 as I need to be at the eye doctor soon.

  3. So no it was pain in his molars (Muela!!!) That is exactly why the family, and especially the mother was desperate.
    Yes yes, his (MUELA)hurt. Lets hope he’s not caught cheating or doing something in school before he graduates or soon after that.
    It all sounds like (MUELA) and nothing more.
    I think the video spreading so quickly saved this kid’s and the others’ butts.

  4. It’s curious that the reason given for his “visit” from the police was a problem with his wisdom teeth. It’s obvious Avila is telling the “truth”… Alarcon want’s to make sure that the government “takes care” of this guy’s “oral health”. I’m sure that after his “treatment” his mouth won’t be uttering anymore painful statements.

  5. Of course he was never arrested or threatened or coerced in any way. Just like Elian was never brainwashed or turned into a robotic political trophy. This is the just the regime looking after the good of the people (as in, “If you know what’s good for you, you’d better play our game or else”).

  6. What a creative way of intimidating the guy without actually doing anything to him. I’m sure the poor kid was crapping his pants on the way to the “Dr.”

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