The hoodlum from Managua chimes in

As reported by EFE in this article from El Universal:

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega slashed out at US oil firm Exxon Mobil for launching “a clear offensive of the empire in order to push (Venezuelan state-run oil firm) Pdvsa into bankruptcy,” Efe reported.
The Sandinist leader claimed it was not by chance that the US National Security Director Michael McConnell told the US Congress that “the things that are happening in Latin America involve a threat.”
According to Ortega, the US intelligence community in a report McConnell presented last February 5 was referring to Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Ecuador, and their Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA).
He added that such remarks come as part of a plan against Venezuela. He added that at the same time Exxon Mobil is winning court orders freezing Pdvsa’s assets.

In his view, if Pdvsa goes bankrupt, all of the projects Venezuela is funding to help Nicaragua and other countries in the areas of energy, education, health, and agricultural would die.
(emphasis mine)

Don’t worry Danny boy, chavez doesn’t have the guts to follow through on his threats. Your sacred cash cow, PDVSA, is safe. Safer than your stepdaughter Zoilamérica ever was in your care.

5 thoughts on “The hoodlum from Managua chimes in”

  1. If anybody is slimier and more repulsive than Chavez, it’s Ortega. I truly cannot see how anybody, without being mentally retarded, could sink so low as to ever vote for such a disgusting piece of shit (especially since he fully looks it, and don’t get me started on the wife). This is an illustration of why Latin America is the disaster and basket case that it mostly is. Shameful.

  2. “…was referring to Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Ecuador…”
    THAT’S right, the Axis of Idiots. This dribble from a retread commie who lives the high life while the rest of the country scrambles and scrapes under his foot — now in bed with chavez to get that crude oil welfare money. And we know what kind of mistress chavez is …..
    Isn’t it tragic that these corrupt leftist populists come into power as a result of somebody else’s corruption?
    Exxon to Ortega: Keep messin’ with Texas, inherit the tumbleweeds.

  3. They come into power partly due to the corruption of those who preceded them, but only partly. There’s also the matter of the stupidity, opportunism and all manner of base impulses on the part of those who vote for or support them.

  4. All have indeed sinned, but not to the same extent, or the same degree, or the same way, or with the same motives. In other words, talking trash about you neighbors with a friend is not the same as spying and reporting on them to the state security police, if you get my drift.

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