Indoctrinating America

When that Houston Fox affiliate’s news team followed Maria Isabel into the Obama volunteer office, they apparently failed to take notice of the Cuban flag desecrated with a superimposed image of the mass murderer che guevara.
I couldn’t help but wonder how a trained news team could overlook such a thing. There is a lot of just plain ignorance when it come to el che, but there is also something much more sinister—a misinformed public, misinformed not by accident, but by design.
As Val’s recent post, here, pointed out, “that che image Cuban flag wasn’t there as decoration. It wasn’t there out of naivetee. It wasnt there as an expression of cool chic, it was an ideological and political message.”
Item # 17 from The Goals of Communism:

Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

Meet Peter McLaren, Professor, UCLA Graduate School of Education. Ph. D., Curriculum & Educational Theory.


Cuba Socialista describes him thus:

He is considered one of the key worldwide architects of critical pedagogy. An advocate for social justice, particularly those in the ‘Exploited World’ (misnamed ‘Third World’) Prof. McLaren is influenced by a Marxist humanist philosophy. Among his many writings, ‘Capitalists and Conquerors: A Critical Pedagogy against Empire’ (2005) is probably best known in non-academic circles. Venezuela’s Ministry of Higher Education recently inaugurated the Peter McLaren Chair for the Study of Critical Pedagogy at the Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela. Another recent honor bestowed on Prof. McLaren is Toronto-based Chopbox Magazine creation of the Peter L. McLaren Foundation for Social Change.

Statement of purpose from his vile faculty web page, titled Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy:

This website is developed as a resource for students of critical pedagogy. The critical pedagogy which I support and practice advocates non-violent dissent, the development of a philosophy of praxis guided by a Marxist humanism, the study of revolutionary social movements and thought, and the struggle for socialist democracy. It is opposed to liberal democracy, which only serves to facilitate the reproduction of capital. It advocates a multiracial and anti-imperialist social movement dedicated to opposing racism, capitalism (both in private property and state property forms), sexism, heterosexism, hierarchies based on social class, as well as other forms of oppression. It draws its inspiration from philosophers of revolutionary praxis such as Paulo Freire, Raya Dunayevskaya, and other philosophers, social theorists and political activists and supports all those who yearn and struggle for freedom. Critical pedagogy is opposed to both state terrorism and individual acts of terrorism. As Freire writes in The Pedagogy of Freedom, “Terrorism is the negation of what I call a universal human ethic.” Critical pedagogy is driven by the engine of class struggle in both national and international arenas.

Please follow the above links and learn more about this Canadian born professor of Marxist indoctrination. See for yourself the brain washing that’s taking place in our universities. McLaren is not some marginalized campus flake, but a copiously published respected scholar. It is frightening, and he is not alone.

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  1. Even Professor Dershowtiz at a lecture I attended warned parents about the indoctrination going on american campuses among the things they like to indoctrinate the kids are: pro pinko and anti israel.
    it’s very bad and scary

  2. None of his books on sale at are published by a university Press. One book is published by the leftist Westview Press, which publishes all the pro-Castro books, and his latest books are published by a small private press. That means he probably has to pay to get his books published. In other words, this is not a serious academic.

  3. If critical pedagogy opposes terrorism, how can it be Marxist? Marx taught that the only way to overthrow the status quo is by violent revolution; Lenin used terrorism as government policy.
    This guy is a liar. But, no surprise there.

  4. Mrcs Concepcion, No he is not a traditional academic, but in his world that tradition is rejected, and so doesn’t lessen his influence. When considering the threat represented by McLaren and his radical ilk, we must realize that in the field of education, unlike almost any other field, political indoctrination doesn’t end with the first transmission, but survives to threaten the next generation. McLaren is in charge of molding the professional behavior of many future educators at an education school ranked #2 in the entire country.

  5. In other words, this is not a serious academic.

    Of course he isn’t: he’s a Professor of Education. Ed Schools are where conjecture masquerades as fact, where the newest teaching fad is paraded as the NEXT BIG THING- every five years. Nowhere in academia is so much theory spun from so little fact as in the Ed Schools.

    A student would have much difficulty trying to refute what a Chemistry professor puts on the board, as theory in Chemistry has been rigorously tested for hundreds of years.
    By contrast, it is not difficult for a student to find well-researched articles to refute something an Ed Prof says. To a big degree, Ed courses consist in students learning to recite the latest Catechism in Education. The difference between the Catholic Church and an Ed School, is that the Catechism in the Catholic church has been built up over centuries, very cautiously added and subtracted. In an Ed School, the Catechism in Education changes every 3-5 years, at anyone’s whim. I am an agnostic, but I would take the Catechism of the Catholic Church over the Catechism of the Ed Schools any day.

  6. So what’s the problem? I’m sure Robert Redford likes him, and he’d probably make Barbra Streisand wet (assuming she has enough estrogen left by now). You people need to get a clue.

  7. I fail to see the logic of categorizing oneself as an “advocate for social justice” when in fact, that individual is championing state sanctioned murder, theft, forced exile, in adequate health care, communist indoctrination through the schools, forced labor, arbitrary imprisonment, extrajudicial executions, etc, etc . . . shall I go on?

  8. George,
    John Galt would not approve of your censorship antics. Time to read the book again. Your name-calling and threats to delete posts demean this blog.

  9. McLaren looks like a mariconaso.
    Dude, it’s like 2008 not 1968, I think you are a tad late, get a hair cut you crazy canook and grow up, you have wasted your adult life following an outdated philosopy and dead religion.
    (sarcasm)OOOOOhhhhhh, your so cool with your che t-shirt, can I be your friend? (sarcasm)

  10. This is basically Sean Penn still trying to pass for a superhip, supercool 20-something surfer type. UCLA is perfect for him. I’m surprised he hasn’t run for some sort of political office by now.

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