Obama Statement on Guevara Flag

Less than inspiring…

Statement from the Barack Obama Campaign over Inappropriate Use of Flag

February 13, 2008

“Senator Obama has made it clear that we will maintain the embargo as a way to leverage meaningful democratic change in Cuba. The office featured in this video is funded by volunteers of the Barack Obama Campaign and is not an official headquarters for his campaign.”

Interesting that the statement does not even mention Guevara by name. You know, we freedom loving Cuban-Americans lament the fact that “Unfortunately, there is much disinformation out there about Che Guevara and more has to be done to combat the Che myths.” In fact that’s exactly what one Obama supporter told me in an email. Well his candidate had an opportunity to make a definitive statement to his followers and everyone else about exactly who and what Che Guevara was.
I can only speculate that the reason Obama won’t make such a statement is that the percentage of people who support him who have subscribed to those Che myths is substantial and that he doesn’t want to offend their sensibilities. Better to sweep this whole thing under the rug than make a principled stand.
As for Obama’s newfound support of the embargo which is highlighted in the statement, he had very different opinions about it in 2004.

You be the judge of whether you want to believe Senate Candidate Obama from 2004 or Presidential Candidate Obama from 2008.
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3 thoughts on “Obama Statement on Guevara Flag”

  1. Gotta love it. This is classic, textbook stuff. Pure evasion. Talk about trying to have it both ways. And of course the MSM is perfectly fine with it, though this kind of slippery spin job would NEVER fly if it had been a Confederate flag in a Republican campaign office (official or not–that’s another laugh, by the way). The woman, of course, is more or less a Magda Montiel Davis type (the Castro kisser), but she is NOT the real issue here, no matter how disgusting she may be. The issue is Obama and his exceedingly dubious response, or lack thereof. Like I said, classic. You can’t make this stuff up.

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