Imagine a Republican campaign volunteer with a David Duke poster!! AHHHH!!!!

Obama Workers Sporting Che Guevara Images
Imagine, say, Huckabee campaign volunteers in, say, Possum Gulch Ark., discovered with their offices displaying David Duke (who despite his looney ravings has killed no one, and who, as far as I know, has never advocated the nuclear extermination of the U.S. population) posters.
Do you think there might be a media hullabaloo, with the attendant extortion rackets by “civil rights leaders”?
Do you think that a campaign spokersperson’s lame exculpation of these Duke posters as “inappropriate” would suffice– would call of the dogs?
We all know better. The orgy of self-flagellation, groveling, hoop-jumping, and whimpering (not that they would have gotten it) demanded from any Republican candidate would have made Dom Imus’ recent antics look like Ollie North in front of the Iran-Contra hearings.
Read the whole thing, right here.

5 thoughts on “Imagine a Republican campaign volunteer with a David Duke poster!! AHHHH!!!!”

  1. Ah, but you see, it wasn’t an OFFICIAL campaign office, supposedly. That makes it perfectly all right, even if the Obama people were more than happy to have this “volunteer” working for their cause and were no doubt aware that she was doing so. She’s just a little, you know, eccentric, that’s all. And the flag was removed, so no more needs to be said about the matter. Now let’s just talk about changing America…

  2. If you guys keep screaming loud enough, it’s possible that CNN and FOX will run it next Saturday at 4 pm.

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