Freudian Slip?

I do not know if this was intentional, or perhaps the writer of this AFP article was thinking about something else his subject has been rumored to love when he chose this phrase to describe raul’s fondness of books.

So many books, so little time, says Raul Castro

I can hear Miquel Brown singing her 80’s dance hit right now: “So many MEN, so little time… how can I choose?”

5 thoughts on “Freudian Slip?”

  1. Dude, you really need to expand your taste in music and bring you into this century- you seem to be stuck in 1983.
    Have you ever listened to Il Divo?

  2. You want a Freudian slip? Check out the front page of today’s Miami Herald. Above a picture of a field of white funeral crosses for this year’s Cuban Memorial in Tamiami Park, the headline reads: Honoring Castro’s Foes. Notice the word FOES instead of VICTIMS. In the body of the accompanying article, the memorial is said to be “honoring victims of the Castro regime”, but that phrase is set off in quotation marks by itself, as if to suggest that that’s the opinion of the people behind the event, not necessarily that of the writer, or the paper, or even the truth. Accident? Oversight? Coincidence? You do the math.

  3. Sorry, Alberto, you know I’m a child of the 80’s but I thought you were more “musically evolved” than I.

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