Maybe it was the brown nose?

Here’s a bit of good news for your Friday:
castro bootlicking Arizona Congressman Jeff Flake loses bid for seat on Appropriations Committee.
Conservative bloggers are upset, blaming the defeat on Republican leaders and stating that “House Republicans Aren’t Serious About Earmark Reform.”
Now, there may be some truth to the above, but perhaps, just maybe, the Republican leadership just doesnt want someone with a such a close, personal knowledge of fidel castro’s rectum on such an important committee?
Via Reynolds.

8 thoughts on “Maybe it was the brown nose?”

  1. Or maybe he comes across a bit too much like a perky airhead who’s hopelessly lightweight despite all pretense to the contrary.

  2. Why such vitriol towards Congressman Flake? He does not support Castro. He believes lifting travel restrictions would accelerate change in Cuba. Considering the current policy is a failure, again what is the fear of what will happen when travel restrictions are lifted?
    And asides from Cuba, you are cursing a true conservative, fiscally responsible, member of the House, who is re-elected by comfortable margins in his district each election. Are you being inconsistent and disingenuous in your conservative politics here? Flake did not get the seat because he is opposed to earmarks and one thing we need to do to get the country’s financial house in order, whether controlled by democrats or republicans is curtail or end the earmark power of individual members.

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